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I'm 18 years old and I do speak German and English. I have been on YouTube as a creator for several years now and gathered some experience doing so. As I'm working as a programmer I have been mostly doing Tutorials and videos of self-created games.

I own a very good microphone and a good internet connection(6 mb/s down- and upload). My pc rig is decent and I can run and record all modern games.

I'm not looking for someone...
  • younger than 18 years old
  • a very poor microphone
  • doing let's plays
I'm looking for someone who is willing to spend time on the video and the editing. I'm think in the current state of YouTube success can only be found with creative videos which give the viewer some value like tips&tricks in games or trying out unusual things.

Specifically I was thinking about the game "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" because it offers a ton of stuff to try out and find different interactions. Also due the nature of the game there is a lot of helpful information that can be provided to the viewer.

If you are interested then just contact me using this forum.

Best regards,
I'm a Senior in high school, I use a NW-800 Condenser mic, my rig is decent, but I plan on upgrading everything within this next week.
I do NOT do let's plays, I take usable clips from my comp matches in Siege and put hours of editing into my videos, no time to half a**.
Take a look at my more recent videos, my older ones are when I was just learning to edit.

(Also, I'm a plat-diamond player in case that matters)