1. J

    What are the BEST and WORST traits of your channel?

    Hey everybody! What are the best and worst traits of your channel? What do you have going for you, but is there anything you feel like you really need to work on in order to become better? Let's talk about it! For me I think my production quality stands out compared to a lot others I've seen...
  2. MrDarkTitan

    Gaming [PC] wanna colab or join me on youtube?

    so im 15 and i recently got partnered and so this is making me wanna make alot of videos and i thought why not help other people with there videos so then together we make youtube a career btw i can help you get partnered fast and easy the network im with has a strong support team that will...
  3. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  4. Emma Rego

    Meet Up/Gathering Meet up anyone?!

    would love to meet some new YOUTUBERS!!!! Anyone want to arrange a meet up in London or go for coffee?
  5. SPG Clan

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to join SPG clan!

    Hello! We at SPG are looking for youtubers to help us start up our clan youtube channel! You need at least 10 subs but more is preferred! Join here: discord code is RF2kryZ
  6. Dyrono

    Gaming Minecraft Pixelmon Series! NEED A GROUP

    Hello! I want to make a Pixelmon Minecraft series kinda like a Pokemon Go series like when you have 3 teams and the last episode will VS teams! What I need is just: Age: Skype: Mic quality?: Could you do schedules?: MC Name: Name:
  7. TheMix

    I love the forum!

    I really enjoy this forum SO much. Everywhere you go everyone is so positive and everyone is doing their best to help other youtubers out. You rarely ever find hate on here and that's what I really like! This forum really helps me get motivated and know what kind of great youtubers are out there:)
  8. J

    What do you guys think of YouTubers like LeafyisHere, DramaAlert, and Ricegum?

    Hey everybody! What do you think about YouTubers like Leafy, DramaAlert, and RiceGum? Not necessarily channels that are dedicated to only talking about drama BUT channels that just make their content about other creators. I feel like we are seeing an era of creators that just make their...
  9. BitsOfBen

    Youtubers Vs Non Youtubers!

    So sometimes it's a pain when you meet someone and you tell them you're a youtuber and their reaction can be unpredictable! My video is pretty much about that today!
  10. A


    I can easily make you a banner and/or a profile picture. Which ever you choose you want I can do whether you want me to freestyle one for you or you have an idea you want me to fulfill. I've done many banners and profile pics for countless small youtubers and if your interested in seeing my work...
  11. Jessnatori

    Need Help!

    I need help growing my subscribers and views! How do I go about doing so?
  12. Beybladeog

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Skype Community!

    Hello everyone! I am starting this Skype community to make new collabs within the gaming district of YouTube! View each other's channels, discuss, and record together! This will help grow your channel! To join the Skype community, comment your Skype usernames so I can add you to the group.
  13. Stephanie Warwick

    Gaming Looking for a talented content creator!

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post in but lets give it a go anyway! I work in PR and marketing, working with indie developers the world over to promote their games! BeefJack worked with the talented teams behind Dear Esther and Thomas Was Alone, and now we are looking...
  14. O

    Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

    I thought of this idea and was curious what other YouTubers thought. Who would be interested in me creating a dedicated YouTube Channel promoting other YouTubers along with a blog for these YouTubers? Obviously we would have to figure out the logistics with copyright etc. But I really want...
  15. J

    Does asking viewers to subscribe actually matter?

    Hello All! Do you verbally ask your viewers to subscribe? Most content creators recommend doing this, but I have this obsession with making my videos very "tight/clean" and not muddling them with 15 extra seconds tacked on at the end to ask people to do certain things. Obviously this isn't...
  16. Jubair194

    Comedy Youtube funny videos collab London

    Calling anyone in the London area (England). I am a very friendly and potentially very funny guy that wants to do a collab with anyone over 100 views. I want the content to be similar to mine so that we can share our audiences. So if you are interested, please check out the content that I upload...
  17. Goombaroy

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to play PC games with

    Hello I'm Goombaroy I am a Youtuber with about 80 subs and I'm looking for someone around 13 years old to play and record PC games with. We will probably also be recording with some of my friends your welcome to invite friends as well. Games: Overwatch Gmod The Culling Evolve Others...
  18. GooberVlogs

    Youtubers Getting Hacked

    So I'm subscribed to a channel called leafyishere and his channel has been hacked??? every title says hacked by poodlecorp.. This person keeps hacking big youtubers.... how do people get away with this.. how do they even hack... you think there would be some kind of protection.. unless they...
  19. Wonderboy Gaming


    If you don't follow my channel or follow me on twitter, I play/record games with a couple other YouTubers, 1BGDeal and RinoxxGaming. We have been playing for a few months together and have become good friends, but recently we had the chance to actually meet each other in person. So I drove from...
  20. lifeofadventure


    YO YOUTUBERS! I make sport,travel edits! I want COLLAB with youtubers! CONTACT ME if you want me to EDIT your videos for your channel or make a collab? I want to connect and make a growth peace Got : 500 subscribers Message me if your on
  21. cosmicjenny

    My thoughts on Youtubers Unite Facebook Page

    What is Youtubers Unite? well its a youtube community page for vloggers who want to promote their content and meet other youtubers. sounds great! ....yeah, at first. when i first become a member of youtubers unite i was so happy! i really wanted to meet other youtubers and potentially collab...
  22. JaydeVlogs

    New Channels!

  23. Tyhd

    Dumb YouTubers #3

  24. Toxicinparis

    Vlog New Collab Group!

    Weekly Videos. Challenges, Vlogs, Hauls, Tips, Skits. Whatever you can think of. Let me know.
  25. Munesh Ramnarine

    The Road To 100

    After a couple of months I've finally reached 100 subscribers on my channel. As most of you know if you've read my introduction, I'm using youtube to help me reach my goal of becoming an actor, and filmmaker. When that goal is finally met I will continue to use youtube as a way to continue to...
  26. GooberVlogs

    Youtuber Reacting to Youtubers Youtube Video Response

    A few days ago I made a parody of all of these reaction channels by doing my own reaction video.. at the end I told my subscribers to make a response reaction video of them reacting to the video of me reacting to another youtubers youtube video. Here is Deadpool reacting to me reacting to...
  27. Promice

    Do you have any haters?

    Recently I had somebody do a rant on me, I had played and talked to the guy a long time before I started my YouTube channel and since then I had always believed he was kind of a douche, but I had never thought he would actually go out of his way and make a video about me. I am honestly not...
  28. ReaperDZN

    Services Low-Cost High Quality Graphics for YouTube + Twitch Branding (Banners, Overlays, PP's etc.) #REAP

    Hey Everyone! I am REAPER, otherwise known as Josh. I have been self teaching and studying graphic design for over 5 years and one day would like to become a professional designer, after every piece of work i create it only gets better! I have started the REAPER DZN business for purely helping...
  29. RiceNspice

    Gaming Looking for collaborators

    Hey Im looking for a group of people who wan't to do videos together, I hope you have a good attitude and positive outlook for gaming! I am a girl thou my nickname is Jake, a little confusing but you get used to it. What I am looking for Has either Skype or Discord Has Steam A good Microphone...
  30. Rehannah

    How do you balance YouTube with your life

    I'm 15 so I'm currently in school and will be for a while and before it used to be so easy to balance my life but now I find myself confused as to which direction I'm going in and what I'm doing with my life. Anyone have any tips on how to keep your life prioritized and to balance school life...