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Hey Im looking for a group of people who wan't to do videos together, I hope you have a good attitude and positive outlook for gaming! I am a girl thou my nickname is Jake, a little confusing but you get used to it.

What I am looking for
  • Has either Skype or Discord
  • Has Steam
  • A good Microphone
  • And a good personality!
My steam is RiceNspice It has the Same picture on here! It also says "Hello YTTalk! This is the account your looking for." on their.
Im up for collaboration
-im getting a new mic
-have steam
-have skype
-have a good personality
You already sort of know who I am, but my name is OutJake or Jacob if having two Jakes will confuse the audience xD
I've got a decent mic and positive attitude!
Hi rice and spice, I meet all those requirements, I also wanted to tell you that your link is not working to your channel
Hey! Im definetely interested.

• I have Skype
• I have Steam
• I have mic - SHURE SM58
• I hope my personality is also okay

PS! My English ain't the best, but I hope it ain't really big problem. You can check out my channel, to get the idea of my English.
Hello there I'll be happy to join a gaming group.

I have both skype & discord, I have steam, I think I have a good mic & I'm not going to say I have a good personality because I think you should view a video or 2 of mine & see if I have a personality that you could work with.
Hey Jake :) I'm interested. I think I'm a good fit.
- I like to think I'm a funny person.
- I have Skype (AirDion.Gaming) and Discord (AirDion).
- I have steam (AirDion)
- I have a good mic (Blu Yeti Blackout Edition)

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