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  1. LuminAdler

    Gaming A PC Gaming Collab

    Looking to collab on PC games, as if the thread name and category wasn't enough of a give away for that, haha I am LuminAdler, have 211 subscribers and looking to collab with those who have 100+ subs themselves and have maybe 50+ videos uploaded shall we say?, not tied to any one particular...
  2. L

    Gaming New and Looking For A Collab Group!

    Hey! I've decided to make a new channel and I'm looking for a chill group of people to collab with. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm making sure I have everything I need, but this is the last thing I need! I'm primarily a Xbox One player but I'm slowly switching to PC. I really just...
  3. J

    Gaming interested in collabing fortnite battle royal

    interested in collabing fortnite battle royale on ps4 my psn is mollza10
  4. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Looking To Make A Group Of Funny Content Creators

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with. I have a Discord server setup for everyone interested in recording. I am also looking for people in the server to be regular YouTubers to record with and a group of friends to banter with and make some fun content. Hope to see some of you in the...
  5. BDKYoutube

    Gaming Looking for people to join a collaboration group

    Title says it all really: I'm looking for people who want to collaborate and record with some relaxed people. We can collab on games like CSGO, gmod, OverWatch, Paladins, Heroes of the Storm, Space Engineers and lots of other games too. Doesn't matter how many subs you have and as long as you...
  6. Xaegoba

    Gaming Ps4 collab group!!

    Hey I'm currently in a average sized ps4 group and we've been looking to expand our collabs preferably were looking for Youtubers 16+ with some subs we play everything from GTA V to Destiny Hmu in the replies below of your interested..
  7. Gabriel Fuentes

    Gaming Starting a YouTube Gaming Group!

    I'm looking for YouTube collaborators that want to start a gaming group. I'm basically down to play anything as long as it's fun! I'm a really funny guy and I want to find people like me that are driven to be successful and persistent on YouTube! My channel name is G. Fuego and my email address...
  8. S

    Gaming [PC] Making a group for GTA V video's.

    Hey there! My name is Sinbod Wayne, and I'm a YouTuber that is about to start over. I've got a channel called Sinbod Wayne with 5000+ Subs, but I'm starting a new channel for gaming. This will be focused on GTA V untill the audience is ready for different games. You do NOT need any video's...
  9. SoloEclipze

    Gaming Minecraft Collab Group?! [+13]

  10. Lacertus

    Gaming Forming a collab group to play gta 5! (Xbox one)

    Hello everyone! If you want to play custom races, or just mess around in gta 5, message me in xbox one. Also I might record it on my elgato hd60! My Xbox gt: SqueakySandwich I am 13, but you can look at my videos, and I don't sound like a "squeaker" (even though my gt is squeakysandwich) XD
  11. K

    Gaming Looking for a Collab Group

    Hello, my name is Koby and I have a small youtube channel called KobyUnknownTelevision. I currently have 85 subscribers. I am looking for a group of 3 other people to start a series on a sand box game. (We can decide in a group chat once I pick the top 3 people) There are no requirments, if you...
  12. KaossRyan

    Gaming Pc gaming collabs and group

    Hi all! I'm looking for people who want to record with! I'm only uploading league of legends to my channel but I'm more than happy to play others with people who want to record. I have CS:GO and other games. Let me know what games you have and record. I'd prefer league players so I can get...
  13. The oddball


    HI :grinphones::grinphones::grinphones: I AM MAKING THIS VIDEO SO A LOT OF UNDEREXPOSED YOUTUBERS GET TO SHOW OF WHAT MAKES THEIR CHANNEL SPECIAL TO A WHOLE NEW AUDIENCE. (this will be a 3 man project with professional editing equipment) -VERY LITTLE IS REQUIRED EXCEPT: -Link to your channel...
  14. RenOperative

    Gaming I now have a Discord server publicly. All chill gamers are welcome.

    Add me at Renegade Operative#5306 and I'll invite you in. Wanted to try a tactic that had no restrictions, no requirement and just plain fun with people around various communities. There is a big rule and that's no disrespecting others but anyone is free to try their luck here to see if we can...
  15. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Awesome People Needed!!!

    hey guys my name is Red and for awhile i wanted to have a group of people to record with (Called "The Crew"). But people don't like me so it never happened so i decided to give it another try, i want us to be like friends. we will be using discord to record. we will also be recording the...
  16. AdvancedGinger

    Gaming Youtube Group - 3 people play games PC

    Hello, so I've been wanting to find some people that like the same games and activities the same. And I thought I might grow a little if I play with others as well as have fun. So if you like cod/minecraft/ extra then PM or email me at Only 1 requirement really. Have a...
  17. McDoogle

    Gaming Dead By Daylight Group!

    I'm looking for a group of friends to play/record funny moments with on Dead By Daylight. I am 18, my channel name is McDoogleBerryFinn. Requirements are: Must Be 16+ or No Squeaker Voices Sub count doesn't matter! I Swear A Lot xD No Ragers(Must Have Fun)
  18. It'sNebulaYoutuber

    Gaming Collab with other Youtuber

    Hey i currently have a youtube channel with around 70 subs, I started 3 days ago and am fairly new, i record videos with facecam and have a decent mic i'd love to collab with someone and put together a good funny moments compilation. I play various games but if you know a good one that's not too...
  19. C

    Other Collabing

    Hey guys i wanna do a collaboration video with you guys for football editing ,pliz message me i really want to do one!!
  20. Frankie95


    Hellp, My name is Faisal, my channel is FrankobizTV. I'm looking to collab with someone who is also as determined as I am on Youtube. I have an idea for a prank in which I believe has never been done before on youtube. I will not be talking about the idea publicly here but I am willing to...
  21. K

    Vlog Teen Vlogging Collab Group! :D

    Hey guys! I'm Kyra and I'm looking for people who want to do a teen collab group! :D It's for people who are 13-17! :D And you can be from anywhere in the world! And I'm fine with almost any types of videos! :D But usually I'm into very unique videos! :D So just message me here or on my youtube...

    Gaming Trove PC Co-op Collaberations?

    Hi guys, i wanted to try to livestream trove on the pc for a while now, but i wanted to do it with a couple friends. I also have a PS4 if you want to collab on there as well. I'm open to anybody since this is my first time live steaming. Everybody Welcome!
  23. RoninYen

    Gaming Looking for gaming group or collabs?!!!! Here you go

    HEY IF YOU'RE SEEING THIS, Wuzz hannin! !!!!!LOOK UP GLOBAL SUMMIT GAMING ON FACEBOOK!!!! They call me Ronin Yen. A little something about me is I'm 20 years old, I'm a PS4 and PC gamer, and I put my footage on YOUTUBE. That's about it for now. I made this because I would always try to find...
  24. Toxicinparis

    Vlog New Collab Group!

    Weekly Videos. Challenges, Vlogs, Hauls, Tips, Skits. Whatever you can think of. Let me know.
  25. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Group (Savage Squad)

    Hey there, my name is Dread and i am looking for people to join our PS4 Squad playing games like GTA V, BO3, R6S, Uncharted 4 and other games. I am looking for people who can be active or at least come in session a couple times a week so all of us can make great and funny content, we also...
  26. Melee Vida

    Comedy 1,700 Subscribers. Looking For People Interested In Collab.

    It could be anything, I have lots of ideas, and I'm happy to hear yours too. Some Ideas would be, talking about something we have in common, a video response, a funny skit, a tag or challenge, a game. Whatever works :) You can message me on here, or you can message me on YouTube. My name is...
  27. RiceNspice

    Gaming Looking for collaborators

    Hey Im looking for a group of people who wan't to do videos together, I hope you have a good attitude and positive outlook for gaming! I am a girl thou my nickname is Jake, a little confusing but you get used to it. What I am looking for Has either Skype or Discord Has Steam A good Microphone...
  28. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming LF YouTube Buddies to Be A "Part House of Frost Wolves" Gaming

    What does my collaboration(s) consists of? I want to make a collaboration on black ops 3, dark souls, GTA 5, Kitten Squad, Minecraft, Rocket League, Smite, Star wars Battlefront, The Division, War Thunder (PlayStation 4) in which we will be trying to show we be trying to ether complete heist...
  29. tripplekillgaming

    Gaming Collaborating/Recording squad?

    Hey guy's I'm looking for people i can collaborate with and make some funny content. I'm 21 years old i play on xbox360 and a little bit on PC mainly Garry's Mod. I'm looking for people that have good mics for Skype chatting and the current games i play for xbox360 are GTA V, Battlefield...
  30. C

    Gaming Looking for pc collab buddies <3

    Hey guys! My name is Cameron, aka CamMartians on YouTube. I am a small youtuber (125 subs) and I mostly upload pc gaming videos. I am looking for about 5 people to create gaming videos with >:P Here are my requirements: Age: 13-16 (Will reconsider if you are mature :P) Must have a decent PC...