Gaming [PC] Making a group for GTA V video's.


Hey there!

My name is Sinbod Wayne, and I'm a YouTuber that is about to start over.
I've got a channel called Sinbod Wayne with 5000+ Subs, but I'm starting a new channel for gaming.

This will be focused on GTA V untill the audience is ready for different games.
You do NOT need any video's, Subs or views to join.
I do have some preferences;

-Age: 15, 16 or 17.
-Time Zone: Close to UTC+1.
-Speak English
-Know humor limits (Don't make jokes that are extreme insulting)

I will be uploading once a week, you'll be free to join in a video whenever you want to.
Some experience in video editing will be handy, but I can teach you since I'm studying to become a FilmMaker.

Hopefully the group will grow from a Gaming Group to a group of friends.
Everyone is welcome! :)


Skype: Owen-Verhoeven
Discord: Sinbod#9244

You can also leave a comment here.
Have a great day!

Sinbod Wayne