Vlog Teen Vlogging Collab Group! :D

Kyra Adler

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Hey guys! I'm Kyra and I'm looking for people who want to do a teen collab group! :D It's for people who are 13-17! :D And you can be from anywhere in the world! And I'm fine with almost any types of videos! :D But usually I'm into very unique videos! :D So just message me here or on my youtube channel! :D
What sort of things were you planning on doing and how would you go around doing it? :)

Well I don't know how to describe my videos but they usually have something artistic in it! But I'm open to funny videos and DIYs and anything really! :D And I'd probably make a youtube channel for the collab group! :D I think the m,most important thing that everybody has a unique and individual personality rather than blending in with each other! :) I hope you consider joining! :D
I liked your channel! Just keep doing what you're doing!! please check out my channel as well. We are a couple who vlogs our adventures!:)