1. JuS Savage


    Hi, I'm Justin but you can call me JuS Savage. I produce rap and comedy videos and I am an artist. I'm a teenager so I have a lot to learn but I think my flow is good despite my age. If you're another rapper we could make a rap together, you do one verse, I do another and we could combine it...
  2. K

    Vlog Teen Vlogging Collab Group! :D

    Hey guys! I'm Kyra and I'm looking for people who want to do a teen collab group! :D It's for people who are 13-17! :D And you can be from anywhere in the world! And I'm fine with almost any types of videos! :D But usually I'm into very unique videos! :D So just message me here or on my youtube...
  3. Melee Vida

    Comedy 1,700 Subscribers. Looking For People Interested In Collab.

    It could be anything, I have lots of ideas, and I'm happy to hear yours too. Some Ideas would be, talking about something we have in common, a video response, a funny skit, a tag or challenge, a game. Whatever works :) You can message me on here, or you can message me on YouTube. My name is...
  4. mighTYLER99

    Gaming 16 Year Old Pc Gamers

    Hiya!!! My Name Is Ty and i upload pc gaming videos, mainly minecraft, battleblock, and trove, Comment Ur Skype Name If Interested, I Only Ask These Things: 1. Don't Cuss, 2.Have Skype, 3. Be Around My Age :D Also I'm In The US So We'd Have To Work Out Time Schedules My Channel: TysaurusRex
  5. mighTYLER99

    Gaming Small PC Gamers

    Hi! My Name Is Ty, Anyways I'm A Small PC Gaming Youtuber And Would Like To Collab! My Only Requirements Are: You Comment Below Your Skype, U Are 14+, And U Don't Cuss I Play A Variety Of Games, Mainly Minecraft And Free Steam Games, Thanks For Reading!