teen collab

  1. xalvz

    Gaming Looking for people to make funny moments videos with (like raccooneggs, swaggersouls, callmecarson, etc.)

    Looking for people around my age (14 - 15) People with dark humor Games i play: Csgo (im trash at it lol), Roblox, The Forest, Gmod, Stick Fight and Minecraft (i can also get rust when i get the money but for now these are the games i mostly play) My discord is xalvz#9470 (all lowercase) so...
  2. Rallex

    Vlog Looking for Teen Girl/Guy Vloggers to Collab with!!

    Hi there, I'm Riley also known as Rallex on YouTube. I'm a Vlogger and looking for people to collab with I know it's super hard to find people where I live which is Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It's like the ,middle of no where. Looking for people to Collab with and help each other grow and...
  3. S

    Music Teen POP Song (15-18)

    Guess the title basically explains itself. 15 year old pianist/new DJ looking for someone to collab with. Perhaps starting a group? Message me, or leave a comment if you're interested!
  4. CharlieBrooke125

    Vlog Looking To Start A Teen Collab Channel!

    Hello There, I am looking to start a teen collab channel 1 because I think it is a good way to help grow channels, and 2 because I want to make some cool youtube friends :) If your unsure of what a collab channel is, There are many videos online explaining it :)...
  5. akuch

    Beauty/Makeup School Morning/Night Routine Collab

    My favorite videos to watch are morning and night routines, I'm planning on filming one soon. It would be fun to do a collab with a few other youtubers. I would also love to meet youtubers who are around my age (grade 10; 15-16) and who share the same interests . If you're interested feel free...
  6. AshRulex

    Vlog Youtubers wanted

    I just made a new channel if you wanted to be featured on it for a teen collab group then please do contact me. My email is ashdeshay02@gmail.com
  7. AshRulex

    Vlog Collab

    Hello People of YTTalk!!! I want to hold a Massive Collab on my channel. What is this? Well... you send me videos, I edit them all together into one BIG video, post it on my channel, yay! The Theme: "In Just 5 Words" In 5 Words, I want you to answer the following...
  8. AshRulex

    Vlog Collab seekers

    Looking for people who want to do a collab. Girls and boys ages 13-17. If you're interested in joining please contact me on Skype, Twitter, or my email address williamsdarrell133@gmail.com
  9. K

    Vlog Teen Vlogging Collab Group! :D

    Hey guys! I'm Kyra and I'm looking for people who want to do a teen collab group! :D It's for people who are 13-17! :D And you can be from anywhere in the world! And I'm fine with almost any types of videos! :D But usually I'm into very unique videos! :D So just message me here or on my youtube...
  10. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Calling ALL LEICESTER Or Anywhere Near Leicester YouTubers

    Hey, I'm looking for any leicester youtubers or anyone who lives near leicester. I am 16 and im looking for people to collab with. It doesn't matter what types of videos u do, as long as you can record a prank or skit video with me. If your down, hit me up on my youtube channel or: Skype...