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Aug 4, 2016
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Hello People of YTTalk!!!

I want to hold a Massive Collab on my channel.

What is this? Well... you send me videos, I edit them all together into one BIG video, post it on my channel, yay!

The Theme: "In Just 5 Words"

In 5 Words, I want you to answer the following questions/categories/prompts:

-Something you find easy
Example: Remembering to brush my teeth
-Something you find hard
Example: Putting fitted sheet on mattress
-Something you learned recently
Example: Knowing algebra comes in handy
-Something that makes you smile
Example: Thinking of cool collab ideas ;)

How To Submit:
Send the video to ashdeshay02@gmail.com
In the email include:
1. Your name
2. Your Youtube channel link (if you have one & want me to link it in the video description)

The Rules:
1. Deadline to submit videos is September 30th, 2016
2. Video must be filmed Horizonally
3. Do not have any music in the background
4. If you don't want to answer one of the questions, you don't have to
5. Feel free to start the video with "Hi my name is..." and read out the questions
6. No need to overly edit the video, as I will be editing it together anyway
7. You can make your answers serious/funny/happy/sad/whatever your heart desires!
8. Must be 13-17

Please let me know if you intend to submit a video, just so I get an idea of how many submissions I'll be getting! Looking forward to seeing what you've got!