vlog collab

  1. J

    Vlog New VlogSquad?

    Hello there!! My name is Justin and I used to make vlogs not that long ago lol. So you may have heard of David Dobrik and his VlogSquad. Well I was thinking maybe there should be a new VlogSquad in town?! If you are over the age of 18 and live in or close to LA message me! Maybe we can be the...
  2. Aimee Rondeau

    Vlog Looking for Hockey (& Other Interests) Vlog/Podcast Partner

    So after some reflecting on my long-term goals and what I would really like to see come out of vlogging and podcasting I’ve tweaked my original idea a bit. I still want to talk about other things besides hockey, such as TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, UnReal, Real Housewives, etc., mental...
  3. Henry Sierra


    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a GRAPHIC story time video that I filmed with friend and I'm going to do Vlogmas! Check out today's video and subscribe for more uploads :)
  4. Henry Sierra


    Hey everyone :) New video just got uploaded, enjoy!
  5. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hey everyone, my name is Henry Sierra. I just started a channel and I post Vlogs about my daily life around 3 times a week. I love film-making, telling stories, and my major in university is Film :) I love entertaining people so if that floats your boat, come swing by my channel and subscribe...
  6. Crazy Winny

    Vlog Looking to VLOG with YOU in Berlin!

    Hey there, I'm currently living in Berlin. I would really like to collaborate with you if you are also living in Germany. Looking forward to your reply! Stay awesome!
  7. Emi Maxwell

    Vlog collab friends?

    hey im 15 with 73 subs right now and if theres other video blog type channels in michigan US the lower part, id like to collab or maybe talk about editing tips and such! if your over 18 i will be very cautious about collabing, and there has to be videos with your face in it! i want to be careful
  8. jacksback

    Vlog Online Collab

    Hey I'm 14 and i do vlogs and other random videos with 274 subscribers so if anybody wants to do an online collab im down!
  9. BrockingDaily

    Gaming Channel w/ over 2.3k subs looking for collabs!

    Hey everyone, I'm BrockingDaily! I'm currently a college student in California, I'm 19 turning 20 at the end of the week and I'm looking for new people to work with and game with. Apart from gaming, I also vlog on Youtube. I have a little over 2300 subs on YouTube as well and am looking for...
  10. L

    Vlog Collaborations in Missouri or northern Arkansas?

    I am a smaller youtube vlogging channel and ive been vlogging for about 7-8 months now and im trying to grow my channel and help others grow theirs. Even if you aren't from missouri, let me know if youre down to collab and we can make it happen
  11. Lyjah

    Vlog Looking for New Youtubers to Collab <3

    Hey guys! I'm looking for new youtubers who want to collab and get our names out there. We could literally talk about anything you want! Hit me up if you're down. Check out my channel and see what you think, <3
  12. Agbam Gorrity

    Vlog French Skateboarder located in LA looking for collab !

    Hi, my name is Agbam Gorrity I'm from France but moved to Los Angeles not so long ago. I'm looking for people to meet up and collab with i'm open to internation collab also. It's hard sometimes to start from zero in a new country... If you guys want to check my videos is: Gabam Thanks for...
  13. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    Hey everyone, this is a one minute film I created called "What Camera Should You Get?" Hope you all enjoy :)
  14. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    this is an unwanted thread. Please delete :)
  15. Jeeves

    1,000 Views. Thank You All

    I've hit 1,000 views. I hit this milestone about a week ago, but I wanted to share it as it is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Thank you :)
  16. Jeeves

    A 1 Minute Face to Face Vlog

    Hey everybody. This is a face to face vlog regarding many important updates to my channel. Even though you might not care at all, please watch the video as you might find other content you like around my channel :)
  17. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    This is my 6th cinematic vlog, where I talk and me and my buddy just kind of chill at his house. Just looking for some feedback and such on how I can improve. Thanks.
  18. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    Hey guys, this is my 6th cinematic vlog. Feedback would be much appreciated :)
  19. Jeeves

    How Can I Improve my Cinematic Vlogs?

    Hey everyone, this is Jeeves. I make cinematic vlogs, and I'd like you guys to give me some feedback on how I could improve them and not have them being so stale. I feel like they aren't too boring, but I really want to keep that audience retention. Also if you have any feedback on if I should...
  20. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog #5 - Feedback Appreciated

    This is my 5th vlog and I speak in it. Feedback on what my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can improve on is much appreciated :)
  21. J

    Vlog Looking for a collab. NEW Vlogging channel

    I'm 13 and I have a new Vlogging channel. I post everyday and enjoy making YouTube videos. Is anyone interested in doing a collab with me? Check out my YouTube channel! JakeWalsh Vlogs
  22. AshRulex

    Vlog Collab

    Hello People of YTTalk!!! I want to hold a Massive Collab on my channel. What is this? Well... you send me videos, I edit them all together into one BIG video, post it on my channel, yay! The Theme: "In Just 5 Words" In 5 Words, I want you to answer the following...
  23. AshRulex

    Vlog Collab seekers

    Looking for people who want to do a collab. Girls and boys ages 13-17. If you're interested in joining please contact me on Skype, Twitter, or my email address williamsdarrell133@gmail.com
  24. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Looking To Collab. You in?

    Hey! So I'm looking to collab with a channel. We aren't gonna have to meet up or anything, we can just chat via Google or Twitter or something. There are some requirements from your channel though. Family Friendly 150+ subscribers Post videos at least once a week If you're interested in...
  25. FranFlich

    Vlog Awesome Vlog collaboration!

    Hey guys i'm FranFlich and I would like to create a new section of collaborations in which we'll share a lot, just talk to me, we discuss ideas and make it work, so easy!!! if you want to know more about the things i do just click this button down here and check my content, thanks and hope you...
  26. L

    Vlog Vloggers?! I wanna feature YOU in my videos!!

    Contact me here!!
  27. Cam Kirkham

    Vlog creating a collab video with a few vloggers UK

    Hi everyone! Looking to do a video with a possibly 3/4 others to help grow our channels and also to have fun doing a few videos together to have a good time! This is a great way to get more subscribers and views as they will be audiences from possibly 4 different people. Let me know if...
  28. TheGIngerQueen

    The Question Collab (Month 2!)

    So I didn't get any videos for the first month. And that's okay! I'm sure as time goes by, I'll get more and more responses. This month, the question is: At least once in your life, you have participated in some kind of club or organization. What is your favorite club memory? ----------- What...
  29. TheGIngerQueen

    The Question Collab

    I have an idea, but I'm going to need your help. It's called the Question Collab. I'll ask you a question - there will be a new question once every other month - and you'll answer it in the form of a video. You don't have to show your face, but I really would prefer it in a video. If you send...