Vlog Looking for Hockey (& Other Interests) Vlog/Podcast Partner

Aimee Rondeau

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Mar 21, 2018
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So after some reflecting on my long-term goals and what I would really like to see come out of vlogging and podcasting I’ve tweaked my original idea a bit.

I still want to talk about other things besides hockey, such as TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, UnReal, Real Housewives, etc., mental health, answer questions/give advice, play games, and do challenges, skits, etc. But I have had this idea for a sort of web series show with hockey players with an ultimate goal of doing this with the NHL (I know it’s a stretch but bear with me and look at how many other people have become successful through YouTube); therefore, hockey does need to be a big part. I have many ideas of what I would like the show to be – more casual, personable, and fun rather than an interview format – but I don’t want to give too much away (since I don’t want anyone to take my idea!).

That being said, again I don’t want the entire thing to be about hockey, and I also don’t want it to be like a sports broadcast, recapping games and talking all stats. I want it to be fun, funny, more casual, and with the freedom to have your own opinions instead of a neutral, unbiased stance like reporters need to have. I want to talk about other interests but also sort of incorporate them into hockey (again, I have ideas on how to do this but I don’t want to give too much away lest it gets taken away from me). I also don’t need a partner who has vast knowledge on hockey but clearly someone who at least enjoys hockey and knows some players.

Although I am a fast learner and completely willing to learn how to edit, someone with experience in filming and editing would be great. Someone who is mid-twenties to early thirties may be best considering my own age and I also would like some more diversity especially when it comes to talking about hockey. At the current moment I need to stay in Washington but like I said before I have goals for this to become more, traveling around, and moving to wherever necessary so someone who is willing to travel and possibly move. Until then, someone in Washington or close by would be great (I have been wanting to move to Seattle or back to Vancouver, BC but I’m flexible) or someone who knows how to make this happen online. If it’s easier to hold off on vlogging until in person and start on the podcast that can be done.

Hope I explained this well enough and if anyone is interested or has any questions let me know =)
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