1. GiggaVega

    HOCKEY: Montreal Canadians vs Dallas Stars 4-3

    My video from last night's hockey game between the Montreal Canadians & the Dallas Stars. Great game but we lost in Overtime 4-3 to Dallas. #NHL #Montreal #Canadian #Dallas #hockey
  2. Aimee Rondeau

    Vlog Looking for Hockey (& Other Interests) Vlog/Podcast Partner

    So after some reflecting on my long-term goals and what I would really like to see come out of vlogging and podcasting I’ve tweaked my original idea a bit. I still want to talk about other things besides hockey, such as TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, UnReal, Real Housewives, etc., mental...
  3. Vonthax

    Request Hockey Intro

    Hi! My name is Simon and I post hockey videos from Sweden. My channel is pretty new but I have already 90k total views. I look for an intro that is hockey related, has cool music,3D and with the name of VHXTV. In the current state, can I not give you any money but I can promote your channel in...
  4. Adventure Campitelli

    A Hockey Story

    I made this hockey movie of my Son's Atom hockey team. It's more a story than just showing them play hockey, I thought that would be more interesting. Let me know what you think. I usually do vlogs and travel videos so this one was hard for me.
  5. AM19Games

    Gaming Looking for friends to grow our channels and collaborate

    Hi everyone, I am new to YouTube / Gaming Channel and looking for people who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly...
  6. Jukes of Hazard

    Which point of view do you like better?

    I play sports with my GoPro Hero 5 black. I am wondering if the footage is easy to follow given the first person view or if I should shoot more videos from a different perspective, One thing that makes the first person video's unique is that it gives you a little insight into what I see...
  7. Jukes of Hazard

    100 Subscribers and 3,700 views in my first month

    I joined Youtube exactly a month ago today! I have had so much fun filming and editing my sports videos with my GoPro and people seem to be enjoying the content too! Thanks for reading!
  8. PureDangles

    New Video...Maybe my best thumbnail and edits

    This video just dropped a few minutes ago, and im wicked excited with my thumbnail and with the edits of this video.
  9. PureDangles

    No One Can Beat Me At NHL 17

    Facts are in the video. Open to any challenger on PS4.
  10. JayyDaGawd


    Hey everyone! Today, i have a brand new video out on my channel and in the video i describe my story about my first ice hockey game. It's pretty funny and entertaining all together hope you all enjoy the video! If you enjoyed please drop a like and if you are new don't forget to check out my...
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