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Agbam Gorrity

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Hi, my name is Agbam Gorrity I'm from France but moved to Los Angeles not so long ago.
I'm looking for people to meet up and collab with i'm open to internation collab also.
It's hard sometimes to start from zero in a new country...
If you guys want to check my videos is: Gabam
Thanks for reading have a good day !
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Hey man, I live in Los Angeles and maybe you would like to collab with and make some cool videos.
What's up Gabam? How is L.A treating ? Tu reviens des fois en France ? Moi je suis chaud pour faire une collaboration avec toi. En ce moment je suis à Paris mais en mai je retourne aux states a saint Louis tiens moi au courant si ça te tente
Closing this because OP hasn't been online since. Feel free to contact him via his channel or maybe his profile here. :)
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