1. E

    Why Is Everyone Leaving California? Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk... (INSANE!)

    Why is EVERYONE moving from CALIFORNIA? It's estimated that this year alone 700,000+ people will flee. Although it's been bad for a few years now, over the last few months the mass California exodus seems to be accelerating faster than ever. From the likes of Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Graham...
  2. YoutubeJayson

    Meet Up/Gathering Oregon and California creators! Lets collab!

    Hi Are you in CA or OR and want to do a real life collaboration with us?? I am taking a band on tour next month and we want to make a visit with creators in each town to make content for your youtube channel. In one city we will be meeting with a yoga studio and recording the band taking some...
  3. Connor's Corner

    Meet Up/Gathering 7 to 9 yr old Orange County California collaboration toy review

    Hi. I'm looking for a child collaborator in South Los Angeles County, Long Beach, or Orange County to do a collaboration video. Looking for a small channel for an equitable collaboration. We are looking for a guest kid to play with Connor and a new toy to review for the audience. We...
  4. Megan Griggs

    Vlog Members and Photographer needed for Teen Group Channel

    Hey so im 16 and i live in Inglewood. I want to create a youtube group of mainly teenagers. The idea is to post content that consists of pranks, vlogs, skits, reactions, etc. Requirements : - At least 100 subs - 13 - 17 years old - Uploaded at least 5 videos Also if you are a photographer and...
  5. K

    50 Subs Woo! And one video almost to 100 Views!!

    It has been just over a week since I started a channel and I just reached 50! So excited!!! I was worried my content would be boring to a lot of people!
  6. The NotARubicon!

    Off-Roading In Southern California

    We led a group of 35 Jeeps/Trucks through an area called "Truckhaven" and then to a place called Calcite Mine in Anza Borrego Desert Park. The Truckhaven area is right next to California's largest lake, Salton Sea and was underwater only a few thousand years ago. The entire area consists of...
  7. Christie Levine

    Meet Up/Gathering Any youtubers in the Bay Area interested in collabs?

    I'm a brand new youtuber and wanted to grow my community and I was wondering if there were any Youtubers that would be interested in doing a collab? If you are please let me know!
  8. Nico Natale - iamn3ko


    Nico Natale's Digital Workshop presents... EPISODE 14: RUSHING HOME FOR NEW YEARS (PART 3 OF 3) Watch the first two parts on my channel! PART 1 - THE TWELFTH VLOG FOR CHRISTMAS PART 2 - WE FOUND ANCIENT HIERGOGLYPHICS! (Crashed Drone) I reunite with one of my best friends, Brad. Emilee and...
  9. RubberDorky

    Meet Up/Gathering Los Angeles Collab | YouTubers

    Hey there Plain and simple I wanna meet more people that are work focused AND do YouTube! I've got challenges and vlogs on the brain and if you want to do similar stuff you should hmu. I live in Cerritos, which is in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles. I've got transportation, cameras, etc...
  10. Nico Natale - iamn3ko

    The Twelfth Vlog Of Christmas (Part 1 of 3)

    Nico Natale's Digital Workshop presents... EPISODE 12: The Twelfth Vlog For Christmas (Part 1 of 3) It's Christmas, and that warm fuzzy kid like feeling never goes away. Emilee and I get each other crazy gifts, We trek down to Tucson, AZ avoiding a storm on Christmas Eve. Santa delivers an...
  11. L.A. Vloggers


    Me and Ivy go to Six Flags with my Gopro but then I find out that they don't allow GoPros onto any rides so we end up getting stopped on the ride by one of the employees at Six Flags. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  12. Agbam Gorrity

    Vlog French Skateboarder located in LA looking for collab !

    Hi, my name is Agbam Gorrity I'm from France but moved to Los Angeles not so long ago. I'm looking for people to meet up and collab with i'm open to internation collab also. It's hard sometimes to start from zero in a new country... If you guys want to check my videos is: Gabam Thanks for...
  13. Michelle Lough

    Meet Up/Gathering Los Angeles Youtubers!

    Hi guys! My name is Michelle Lough. I'm looking for other Youtubers in the LA area to meet and collab with! I have about 6K subs so I'm looking for people to collab with. I do all sorts of videos like Vlogs, DIY's, Travel, Rave Culture and film/cinema related videos. Let's meet up and create...
  14. Enrique Salazar

    The Blue Cut Fire!!!!

    This has been one of the most terrible fires we have had in Southern California. So many people were affected. Those who are from Cali should have heard about this, but here it is if you have not. Last I heard 80,000 people were evacuated and 30,000 + acres burnt down.
  15. Enrique Salazar

    Nothing Like Family Time After Work

    Hello everyone, I just want to say that I don't really get to spend a lot of time with my kids (only have partial custody), but when I do have them, I try to make the best of it. The thing I love the most is taking them on bike rides; not only is it fun, but it wares them out and they aren't...
  16. AncientEmma

    Just Reached My First 100 Subs!

    I just reached my first 100 subscribers last night! While I don't have an "ultimate" goal, this feels really incredible and I hope that it can keep going from here. Thanks to everyone on the forum for the support so far! :)
  17. AncientEmma

    Shiba Inus and Let's Talk!

    I'm a vlogger trying to reach a balance balance between fun videos (like my Furry Friend Tag with my Shiba Inu, Joba,) and more "serious" videos about topics such as bullies and feminism. I want to be an inspiration for others while still being completely approachable. I also want to try some...
  18. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering POKEMON GO ADVENTURE! (SoCal)

    Hey everyone! I live in SoCal and was wondering if we could get a group and find to pokemans! Pokemon Go just came out today and I really want to do a fun group and record it for youtube on an awesome pokemon adventure! Who is with me?! :D
  19. Grozie

    Comedy Looking to collab with anyone

    Looking to collab maybe skits or blogs with anybody interested
  20. Danny.K

    I'M BAAACK!!!!!

    Hey guys!, well its been a while but I'm back now!. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at filming "A Day In The Life" :) please check it out and let me know what you think, also please like a subscribe! btw make sure to watch in HD
  21. AncientEmma

    Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

    I'm home for the summer! To avoid boredom and "improve my life" somehow, I'm trying to do enjoyable things for myself and step out of my comfort zone. This is my first attempt, so let me know what you think! I'd really appreciate it! :)