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Jul 29, 2019
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Why is EVERYONE moving from CALIFORNIA? It's estimated that this year alone 700,000+ people will flee. Although it's been bad for a few years now, over the last few months the mass California exodus seems to be accelerating faster than ever. From the likes of Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Graham Stephan to entire companies like Nissan, Toyota, Kanye West's apparel empire, even potentially Tesla. Heck, even Hollywood seems to have left! Having been born and raised in California myself (fifth generation) I moved away about a year ago, and here's why... The truth is, the California Dream has turned into the California nightmare. California has some major problems. - Traffic is insane! - House prices are much higher than other states - The homelessness problem has accelerated radically - California taxes are higher than anywhere else! - Crime has been skyrocketing - Bad policymaking - Increasingly more difficult to raise children - Politically, it's unstable - Insufficient medical care - Drug problem is exploding - Smog - Regular rolling blackouts - There's no sign of improvement anytime soon But, despite all that, EVERYONE IS INSANE FOR LEAVING CALIFORNIA RIGHT NOW, me included. Watch to the end to find out why!