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  1. D

    Gaming Looking for a tight knit group of friends on Xbox One to play games and collaborate on YouTube

    Hello, my name is DestinyisLOV3, or Alex, and I am looking for some Youtube friends to collaborate with on a daily basis. I am 16 years old and would like all who wish to collaborate be the same or older. I play on the Xbox One and my gamertag is VirtualStorms. My Youtube channel is...
  2. Ans Marie

    Vlog interested in a collab?

    i'm looking to collab with some youtubers similar to my channel. i like to make advice videos and general vlogs if you are interested in collabing please email or direct message me on insta/twitter (@ansmarieyt)
  3. Allison Chambers

    Beauty/Makeup Want to do a collab?

    Hey guys my name is Allison! I'm looking to connect with more people in the YouTube community and I want to do a collab!! I make beauty, lifestyle,comedy, and fashion videos Please comment if you are interested and you can also email me at Type makeupisahobbie07 into...
  4. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PS4 Recording Group

    Hey, I'm looking for a group on PS4 to start out and grow our YouTube channels together. Even if you have zero videos, zero subscribers, just have the equipment, and the determination to wanna start youtube. I'm 14, 15 in May so basically 15. I'm looking for a group to do funny moments with on...
  5. Fungrt Gaming

    Gaming PS4 COLLAB GROUP!

    Hey, i was looking for people for a gaming group on PS4 Time Zone: California PST (Pacific Standard) (california time) Requirements: -Okay Mic -Black Ops 3, GTA V, and some others. -13-16 (im 13) - at least 40 subs (i have 72) Preferences: -popfilter (its ok if not cuz i dont have one either)...
  6. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Group

    Me and my Squad i always looking for new people to join our gaming sessions on PS4, we have a lot of different games like BO3, GTA, Fifa, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefront and other games that we could possibly play. These are the only requirements - Good Mic - Age 15 or above If...
  7. Specs

    Tech Community Channels?

    Does anyone know of any good or any at all Tech Community channels that content creators can join and upload to or so collaborations with others?
  8. Nebrines

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations (Xbox One)

    Hello. My name is Nebrines and I am looking for some cool people to collaborate with. I love making content on YouTube and would love a new mix added to it. Requirements: ► Must have a decent microphone to speak over the Xbox One (FYI that I have a Kinect to pick up audio of other people)...
  9. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #8 - Wait What?

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  10. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 #5 - Today's King of Gun Game

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