Gaming Looking for pc collab buddies <3

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Hey guys! My name is Cameron, aka CamMartians on YouTube. I am a small youtuber (125 subs) and I mostly upload pc gaming videos. I am looking for about 5 people to create gaming videos with >:p Here are my requirements:

Age: 13-16 (Will reconsider if you are mature :p)

Must have a decent PC, so we can play some of the newer (ish) games.

You HAVE to have a good mic! I can not stress this enough. As long as there is minimal background noise (EX: Fan noise, family members, etc.)

You have to know how to edit! I can't edit everything :p

You also have to be available to record during the week. I'm not saying to be on every day, just be on enough to record a few videos for daily uploads :p.

If you meet the criteria, feel free to add me on skype, My username is: My Mom Says I'm Cool, or if it doesn't work, use homerboy24. (don't judge the username, I made it 5 years ago)
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just a tip for your channel, I recommend you work on your thumbnails and channel art
I was only offering advice, sorry mon
just saying, we all do things our own way. I wasn't trying to come off as an ******* or anything like that, I was just saying I wanted to do things my own way and learn for myself on what to put work on. thats all
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