Gaming PS4 Group (Savage Squad)

Dread Chemical

I've Got It
Hey there, my name is Dread and i am looking for people to join our PS4 Squad playing games like GTA V, BO3, R6S, Uncharted 4 and other games.
I am looking for people who can be active or at least come in session a couple times a week so all of us can make great and funny content, we also looking for people who have few games that we have so here is a few other games we been looking for to do multiplayer on Dying Light, Smite, Doom, Rocket League, Fifa 16 and possibly Minecraft.

Here's the requirement
- Age over 15
- Good Mic
- Skype

If you are interested please send me your Skype name and i hope to see you from there
Hey, i would like to collaborate with your channel. My name is AngelSan. I'm 15 years old. I usually play BO3 on PS4. Im pretty sure my skype name is Angel Sanchez
hard to find people as it is lol so yeah i dont have alot but maybe there's a game i have that we can play and record stuff with