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This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail:

Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by another Youtuber who makes really good vlogs and is extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Being a Youtube personality really appealed to me and I wanted to give it a try not so much to be rich or famous, but to conquer my insecurities.

It was a big step for me because I didn’t quite know how to begin. I had a camera and a hobby but my biggest problem was, and sometimes still is, how to avoid getting tongue tied when the red light is blinking. My first few videos were awful. So awful that they never made it onto my Youtube channel. The first few videos that I did upload are better but still not great.

As I filmed more and more, the videos got better but I concede they still could use improvement. My very first uploaded video, which is my Homemade Doughnuts was the scariest because I filmed the first part of it in a public place (the gym) with a bunch of people, some I knew, others I didn’t standing around watching me. I planned it out a week in advance and even remembered a brief script in my head. I would recite the script out loud in my car while driving everyday until I got it right. It was a success. It was a huge step in overcoming the awkwardness we all feel about filming in public. I still go back and watch that video because I believe it was a turning point for me.

The biggest change is that the camera shyness is completely gone. In fact, I now love being in front of the camera and willing to do things I would never consider doing in the past such as dancing, wearing NO makeup, and acting like a clown. I can’t see myself not doing this because I’m really having so much fun now.

That is why I Youtube
I do YouTube because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. In my life, I've hit a place in which I have nothing going on in my life other than my projects. Because of my music career, this is another reason I do YouTube. I upload my music there and such so that way people can listen on there and not just on my Soundcloud. Since I decided to come back to YouTube, since I had made videos prior to my current channel, I've decided to branch out and make other types of videos, though it's nothing like I use to make. And having a sense of satisfaction and having boredom was what made me do YouTube when I first started back in 2010. YouTube can change people, for good or for bad. I feel like I only grew more because of YouTube. It does people the confidence that they need in life.
I do it because i like chaos in my life (as crazy as that sounds) and between balancing work/friends/family/fun with filming/planning/editing my life is chaotically peaceful.

I do it because i like challenges. Whether it's learning to film/edit/get used to seeing myself on camera, adapt to new youtube features, trying to hit my YT goals, or setting up big projects, there are plenty of new challenges.

I do it because it helps me to meet new people. Making youtube videos is not only a great conversation starter it's a great way to meet people. I love inviting people over to come be in the next videos and i always love when new people show up. I love when people come up to me and say "this is the guy that made that video that i showed you". I also have met many great people online talking on forums like this and through getting to know my subscribers.

Lastly, I do it because it's fun and it gives me something to do. Some people enjoy coming home and watching tv, but i like coming home and getting to work building things for my next video or staying up late editing and bringing the videos to life.
I do it because it gives me something productive to do. I was very shy when I did my first few videos. The more videos I do, the less shy I am becoming. It's helping me build my confidence. I use the time to do hands-on work with graphic design, video editing, and recording software. It's been a really fun hobby. I always look at my channel and am proud with all I've done. It's a big bonus when other people like the content as well.
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I do it to entertain people, I want to be an entertainer, an entertainer of the people! I want my videos to pop a laugh or smile on people their faces. Just the fact that people like your videos and that it makes them smile would be a huge satisfaction for me. Like, I am just doing what I love to do and in the meantime I can entertain people! Whats better than that?! Now I just need to find the audience to pop a smile on :)
I do it because I want to entertain people. It brings me happiness to think that someone out there could be having a sh*t day and come and watch my videos to put a smile on their face.
I do it because it brings me joy. I like playing video games and joking around, and it makes me happy when people watch my stuff. It makes me feel more productive which has done wonders for my depression - instead of treading water and that little voice in the back of my head saying I'm lazy and wasting my life, I can be satisfied in the knowledge I have done something productive that also makes me happy.