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  1. snoozyking

    Q&A for my Channel

    Hi guys i just hit 100 subscribers. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me few questions for a Q&A.
  2. ProXima123

    Thoughts on Negative Feedback

    There are a lot of people who let negative feedback drag them down and lessen their goals and in turn, their potential. Not only pertaining towards being a creator, but generally speaking as well. Personally I like negative feedback, although sometimes harsh, it pushes me to try harder and...
  3. HC.SameerPatil

    Q and A

    Hey guys, I reached my first 50 subscribers on my channel and wanted to do a Q and A video. It would be awesome if I could answer questions you guys might have whether it be about life in general or something specific to my channel which is based on documenting my journey to being a successful...
  4. M

    Newbie here with a question

    Hello everyone, I am new to uploading videos to YouTube and I have a question that I am hoping someone could assist me with please. I’m looking to upload videos/image slideshows with captions incorporated on the bottom of the video. Just like the images of the YouTube videos that I have...
  5. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  6. PickleStar


    Hey, guys! I'm doing a super-duper 1K subscriber special for my channel, and I'm trying to get as many questions as possible! It's going to be up on Tuesday the 29th! Whoever sends in a question, I'll be sure to mention the name of your channel with the question, yo. I appreciate your guys help...
  7. Minecraftreaperful

    Struggling with Q&A Fridays

    So on my channel i do something every Friday called q and a Friday which i basically go through the questions throughout the week and answer them but i haven't been getting any questions and i dont want my q and a Friday to die is there any way i could ya know get more out there and get some...
  8. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Growth after 1k subs?

    Hi guys, Soon my channel going to reach that 1k subs milestone.So I have one questions to ask you guys.Just curious to know.I heard that after 1k subs your channel grow a little bit faster than before.So my question is does after reaching 1k sub you guys see any extra push to your youtube...
  9. Shweebe

    Where do you network?

    I'm asking this because I think a lot of us (including myself) try to make sure we're networking ourselves enough so we can be noticed. Just wanting to see what everyone uses to get their content out there. I use: twitter, FB, redditt, Google +, and Discord
  10. Fox Beat

    What kind of slideshow video should i made?

    Dear you guy's I have a question like mentioned on this thread title, can you help me please?! Somebody tell me that a photo slide video is also a great choice for a beginner. But I'm confused, what kind of photo slide / slideshow video should I made? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for...
  11. Elissa Jordan

    Vlog Hilarious QnA Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Elissa Jordan and I am a vlogger on my channel, Elissa Jordan. I always love to do these collabs with people around the world and I have done one before. My last collab in this manner was with a video "Stay Strong" that dealt with suicide prevention and I had YouTubers...
  12. W

    Long VS Short Videos?

    So currently in a Vlogger and I am also in college. This means that most of my time needs to be spent on education. To combat this problem I thought it'd be a good idea to just record footage all throughout the week and put up a 20-30 minute video on Mondays. Currently I do 3 videos a week which...
  13. Malasia

    Am I the only one who loves editing??

    I remember when I first edited my video's I used to hate it because of how time-consuming it was and how many times I had to youtube search a tutorial on how to do certain edits on the editing software I had. I would spend dayssss editing and it would take me forever to just find background...
  14. Nackagubben

    Ask a Swede :) (shout-out gallore)

    Hiyall, I recently found this part of the forum and everyone seems very helpful and kind. That's cool! I am a Swede that runs a channel featuring languages, culture differences and other random stuff, and I thought that I would throw this thread out and see if you guys could hit me with...
  15. H

    NEW VIDEO: I do not understand how people can be so STUPID!!

    I just uploaded a new video and the fact that real people messed this up worries me...
  16. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How do you get exposure for your youtube channel when you are a beginner?

    Hello best friends, I want to ask a question to you guys that how do you get exposure for your youtube channel when you are a beginner?I mean when you're beginner,even if you make great videos,you not get that much views & subs.Sometime it's start feel really disappointed.I found that if you're...
  17. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How many subscriber do you have?

    Hello best friends, I just want to ask you guys how many subscriber do you have (Till Now) & what's you goal by the end of 2016?? Currently I'm on my 73 subs & my goal by the end of this year is 200 subs.Let me know yours in the comment's section!! Thanks a lot :) [Follow forum rules-No...
  18. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Does YouTube End Card Feature Now Available For All??

    Hello best friends, Today while uploading my video I noticed that YouTube endcard feature is now available for my channel.Obviously I am not a big youtuber.I have only 70 subs.So I asked some of my friends who are also youtuber's & they also said that end card feature is available for their...
  19. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Why Is It Hard To Get Your First 100 Subscribers??

    Hello best friend, I heard that getting your first 100 subscriber on YouTube is the hardest part to get.So do you agree with this topic??If you than why??.....let me know your opinion about this topic via comment section (Join the poll) Thanks a lot :)
  20. K

    NEW MIC, NEW STYLE! - Q&A #2! (Facecam)

    Leave a LIKE for more Q&A! :D ► PREVIOUS Q&A! ► SUBSCRIBE! ► SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Google+ - YTTalk - ► CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR...
  21. S.A.D

    What are your thought on Youtube is Over?

    for those who don't know, basically youtube have been cracking down, randomly demonitzing videos of youtubers. (See Philippe DE Franco for more) they are doing this to make youtube more advertiser friendly. I think youtube are well within there rights, but it certainly seems shady how it was...
  22. Jordan Levy

    Ask Me Questions For A Future Q&A! Will Shout Out Your Name!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Levy and I am a youtuber with 120 subscribers. I post covers, original music, travel vlogs, and much more! I am looking to do a q&a in the future and need some questions. I will shoutout your name of course when I answer! It can be anything about my channel, or...
  23. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have realized that for some reason I rewatch my videos a lot. Especially when I just post the video. Idk Why I do it, but I just do. Does any one do this?
  24. Its Ryan


    Hey guys lately I have been spending a ton of time on youtube. Almost 3-5 hours on every video. I still have school and I don't know how I can handle both school and videos. What should I do? And a question for you guys. How much time do you guys spend on youtube?
  25. sequan123

    What social media is best for getting people to reconize you as a youtuber

    Hey guys what social media is better between Twitter , Instagram , facebook
  26. TheGIngerQueen

    The Question Collab (Month 2!)

    So I didn't get any videos for the first month. And that's okay! I'm sure as time goes by, I'll get more and more responses. This month, the question is: At least once in your life, you have participated in some kind of club or organization. What is your favorite club memory? ----------- What...
  27. KaelCast

    Questions about Anything!

    Yeah. Questions about Anything! I'm gonna have a Q&A segment on my podcast show called KaelCast. So feel free to ask any question. I'll answer the questions submitted and probably shout out to those people who gave them. Cheers:wavespin:
  28. sequan123

    Advice for channel

    What are some advice when you are trying to get more views and subs? what the best way or method to get peoples attention?
  29. sequan123


    Hey guys my question is whats the purpose of thumbnails? and what it means to you because my thumbnails not all that Important for my content
  30. and_the-teddy_bach

    Q&A with low sub-numbers?

    Hey everyone. I have a question. I am now vlogging for a week, got some subs, I guess one of you even subscribed, so a big thank you my friend if you see it. Basically, I would love to run a Q&A next week, but I get only 100 views or so and I have 4 subs. Would you run a Q&A now? Or should I...