Elissa Jordan

I've Got It
Hey everyone!

My name is Elissa Jordan and I am a vlogger on my channel, Elissa Jordan. I always love to do these collabs with people around the world and I have done one before. My last collab in this manner was with a video "Stay Strong" that dealt with suicide prevention and I had YouTubers film themselves saying uplifting things for viewers struggling with depression. However, this time, I want to go on the humor side of things and do a QnA collab with all of you! Here are the details:

The video will consist of a bunch of hilarious QnA questions and, if you are interested and comment below your interest, I will email you a question. I want you to film yourself answering the question. When you film your video, you need to follow the following requirements:

1.) Please include a notecard that has your channel name on the notecard. When you film your video, please keep the notecard in front of you. This is so you can get the publicity you deserve.
2.) Please make your responses to the questions APPROPRIATE. The questions you will be sent will be appropriate because I like to keep my channel family friendly- I want every person to be able to watch my videos.

That's it! Please comment down below if you are interested and please include your email, so I can email you your question.

Hi Elissa. I might not mind filming myself answering a question for your video.

I have a section on my channel page entitled "Me on other channels". Your video would be featured there. Probably for some time since I don't appear as a guest on other channels that often :)

I'll send you a message with my email address.