1. Lewis Knight

    QnA and showing my YouTuber crush? :)

    Hey, Long story short, I'm bad at advertising myself and my videos but here's me trying :P I love making videos so much, i (try to) upload every sunday :D
  2. Elissa Jordan

    Vlog QnA Collab!

    My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on my channel, Elissa Jordan. I want to do a collab of a bunch of people answering a QnA question. Instead of me just doing my own QnA, I want a bunch of people to answer a bunch of questions and then I edit them all together. Here are the details: 1.) I...
  3. Elissa Jordan

    Vlog Hilarious QnA Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Elissa Jordan and I am a vlogger on my channel, Elissa Jordan. I always love to do these collabs with people around the world and I have done one before. My last collab in this manner was with a video "Stay Strong" that dealt with suicide prevention and I had YouTubers...
  4. Scandinavian Freckles

    Nasty stuff on board planes !

    Hey everyone !! I asked on twitter what you would want to ask a flight attendant and a lot of people sent in DMs and emails and asked some pretty usual questions that I though I would finally answer. Hope you enjoy the video & if you have any stories, bad experiences or anything funny from a...
  5. LegendaryGamer

    QNA Questions - 50 Subscriber Special

    Hey, My name is Tom and soon I am going to be hitting 50 subscribers. I am very close and want to make a special video dedicated to my fans to get to know me some more. Therefore I need some questions (appropriate) that I could use in my QNA I will upload when I do hit 50. Please leave...
  6. Jean-Marcus Samedi

    Questions about Lacrosse

    Im shooting a video in the morning, im going to answer any question anyone has about the sport of lacrosse. so ask them here please or , use #AskMarcsMedias on twitter. I really appreciate your help
  7. QueenLlama

    Doing a QnA

    Hey I'm doing an introduction video with a QnA, I need some questions to make this video though if anyone could ask any questions that would be great thanks :)
  8. WhoahItsAnthony

    Need Questions from You Sexy People for a QNA!!!

    Trying to make a funny QNA as I have done in the past. Make as weird of a question as u want.
  9. Kane J Goodridge

    Doing a QnA! Please post questions! :)

    Hey! I just recently surpassed 100 subscribers (which I'm SUPER happy about!!) and I'm doing a QnA to celebrate! To ensure I get a lot of good questions, can you please post a legitimate question in this thread for me to answer on video? Thanks so much! :)
  10. M

    QnA coming soon!

    I am looking forward to making my first QnA, but I really need questions! So ask away! Anything, I don't care!
  11. DavidThe SpanishNinja


    This is my 100 subscriber special for my channel and i hope you guys can go check it out as well as subscribing to help me get to 150 subscribers. Also i entered a contest for this video so it would help me get a higher chance of winning as well .I love how this website makes my channel grow and...
  12. CQSerpent-PC

    Gaming Looking for a Short/Long term partner for scripted post commentaries.

    Hello, content creators. My name is CQ, Serps, or Connor, and I'm looking for one or more channels to make videos with on PC. However, these are not regular videos. I rarely make live commentaries, most of my audio is recorded post production. This means that my videos are usually gameplay...
  13. Majerecarn

    Need Q&A Questions!

    Okay so if you haven't yet been on my channel, then I do (or try to do) weekly Q&A videos! With so many Q&A videos to be made, I need even more questions! Normally my past videos have had averagely 4/5 questions, however, I want to make this next one a big one, with at least maybe 15/20...
  14. carlo202

    Hey i'm doing Q N A

    Hey i'm doing Q&A so i would be thankful if you could write a question in a video thanks for reading:) :woot2::running: