My name is Tom and soon I am going to be hitting 50 subscribers. I am very close and want to make a special video dedicated to my fans to get to know me some more.

Therefore I need some questions (appropriate) that I could use in my QNA I will upload when I do hit 50.

Please leave appropriate questions to ask me below

Ps; I like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Dubstep, Music, Elgato, Tech Reviews, Tech, TF2, CS:GO.
Hi Tom !!

Congrats on soon 50 subs :) I am nearly there myself so I know how exciting it is !!

My questions are:
What inspired you to do youtube?
Where do you see yourself/your youtube journey in 5 years?
If you could collab with any youtuber, who would you choose?

Hope they make the video :) !!
Have an awesome weekend !!