1. Laitz

    L2Devil.ws - METALSTEP

  2. Y

    Services FREE Music, Copyright Free Music for your videos!!!

    Hello guys,,, We are yourBedroom Beatz a new Label which releases Copyright Free music. Fell free to check out our channel and download the song you enjoy, also use it on your own , just credit us and the artist and the song name in your description and youre done !
  3. LegendaryGamer

    QNA Questions - 50 Subscriber Special

    Hey, My name is Tom and soon I am going to be hitting 50 subscribers. I am very close and want to make a special video dedicated to my fans to get to know me some more. Therefore I need some questions (appropriate) that I could use in my QNA I will upload when I do hit 50. Please leave...
  4. baumery

    Where to find free music

    If you want free music go to sound cloud people have large amounts of free music. I use alot of chill hip hop beats, vaporwave, dubstep, and electronic music. Also i have a whole playlist on my computer if any one wants a example of what i mean Alright youtubers have a good one
  5. Dr. Disciple

    Music Music Promotion Collaboration!

    Hey guy's! I run a YouTube channel called Dr. Disciple, it is a promotional channel for producers/artists who are undiscovered. I cover all of Electronic Dance Music, what does that mean? It means I cover hardstyle, dubstep, trance, electro, hardcore, trap, chillstep, chillout, drum and bass...
  6. BIGtheRED

    WHAT THE F#&K IS THIS!?! | Dead Bits | Confidence Crew

    Ebah brings back another episode of "WTF is this" with a playthrough of Dead Bits! This time, he has a little help from the Confidence Crew ... Who will rage quit, and who will make it the farthest? If you liked the video be sure to smash that thumbs up button so we know to keep making these...
  7. Aeth

    Request Trap Nation Style Logo Request

    Hello my name is Aeth. I would like to start a music channel, but I really need a logo for it. I want to make my channel Nightcore related, and I was thinking of doing Metal Nightcore, but I am not completely sure yet. All I want to know is if there is someone out there who COULD make a logo for...
  8. Djcoolplays

    Request Need A New Intro (FREE ONLY)

    Hello I would like someone to make me a 3D Intro with a double layer text with name "Djcoolplays" please be a gaming intro with any music like rap, trap, and dubstep. Please use a Shockwave intro if you can. Bye!