Gaming Looking for a Short/Long term partner for scripted post commentaries.


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Hello, content creators.
My name is CQ, Serps, or Connor, and I'm looking for one or more channels to make videos with on PC. However, these are not regular videos. I rarely make live commentaries, most of my audio is recorded post production. This means that my videos are usually gameplay, while I talk about another topic of interest. The reason I don't do live commentaries is because I believe the medium is overdone on YouTube. I'm looking for a well spoken PC gamer to make a podcast-ish, countdown-ish series of videos with. For example, some videos could be; reasons we like PC gaming, or what we want to see out of a game's sequel. If any of this sounds interesting, check out my contacts below. :D
Twitter: cqserpent
Reddit: /u/cqserpent
YouTube: CQSerpent