pc collaboration

  1. ValxGaming

    Gaming PC Gaming Parnters

    Am looking for people to play dead by daylight and battlefield 1 on PC. We can play other games as well if you want. If you are interested, Add me on discord ValxGaming#5124
  2. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Group / Partners

    Hey everyone I'm looking for a few more people to get a collab group going or if you just wanna be collab partners instead of a group that's cool to. I play many different games. I'm gonna be getting gmod soon so funny moments can happen, so who is in?
  3. PappaPhyko

    Gaming PC Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration!!!

    Hey my name is Jake or PappaPhyko and i am looking for people to Collaborate with in pc gaming funny moments, Pretty much everyone is welcome but you have to comply with these small things that i ask of! You Have To Have/Be The Following: *Be 15+ *Have Skype/Discord & A Decent Microphone *Not A...
  4. Wolfywolfminecraft

    Gaming PC Collaboration :D

    Hi my names wolfy/wolfywolfminecraft and im looking for some fellow youtubers out there who would like to collab :D There are some requirements but not many :) 1. Good microphone (Please have a good mic it would help ALOT) 2. Most people say so and so amount of subs but as long as your content...
  5. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Anyone want to collab!? (800 subs) (PC)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  6. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Collaboration

    Hey guys im Creeforple i am looking for more people to play with on pc i have 39 subs and have been looking for more people to play with for awhile because im sick of playing by myself so if anyone is interested in playing with me leave a comment answering these questions Number of subs...
  7. J


    Hey, whats up. I'm just here to find people to collab with. I'm 16 and I live in the western side of the U.S.. If you want to collab with me. You have to be at least 15+ and have Skype (just like all the other posts). I don't really care about your sub count, if your a bit entertaining we'll try...
  8. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC Recording Group

    Hey Everyone! If you are here because you are interested in wanting to do a collab or join a recording group, then you are in the right place. I am looking for a funny moments recording group on PC to grow my channel with, and all in all just have fun making videos together. I want everyone in...
  9. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC Recording Group

    Hey Everyone! If you are here because you are interested in wanting to do a collab or join a recording group, then you are in the right place. I am looking for a funny moments recording group on PC to grow my channel with, and all in all just have fun making videos together. I want everyone in...
  10. RoninInHD

    Gaming *Closed Thread*

    Hey! We are looking for a PC Gaming Group for YouTube and just for fun! Requirements: - Must be 15+ - Good Microphone Quality (little or no background noise) - Curse Client (it's free) - Good Screen Capture Software (Fraps, Bandicam, ShadowPlay, etc.) - Solid Internet - Commitment to making...
  11. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC YT Funny Moments Recording Group

    Let's get right to the point. I am looking for a group to record some funny moments on pc games such as Gmod, Arma, Rainbow Six, Gta V, H1Z1, etc. I want this group to just have a good time, but still be serious and dedicated to youtube, at least available to play during the week. I don't care...
  12. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Gaming/Youtube Collaboration

    PC collaboration I am a small youtuber with 35 subs i play mostly minecraft but want to branch out to other games the game i have are -GTA V -Minecraft -Terraria -Dead Realm -Gmod Requirements Decent audio Decent video quality Leave your skype below and a little bit of info on you and your...
  13. W

    Gaming Collaborating & having fun PS4/PC

    Hey guys, so I've been doing YouTube for some time (coz i enjoy making videos) and i would like to collab with anyone who wants to. this way we can both have fun & help each other grow together! All I ask for you to be a decent age somewhere around 14+ or so (Im 16) A decent mic so the people...
  14. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  15. Affect


    Post your: Skype Age Country Subs Steam name Requirements -Good mic (no buzzing) -Not a squeaker Im Affect I have 500+ subs on youtube My skype is:Affect-Youtube (message me for collab or comment on this one) My steam name is Affect <3
  16. MythicalTaco

    Gaming PC Collaboration

    Hi, My name is Hector and i'm 13 years old and looking for someone to collab with. You're sub count does not really matter as long as you are always ready to make videos. Requirements: - Have a funny personality - Don't be a squeaker - A decent mic - Good/Decent editing - Have fun / Curse if you...
  17. O

    Gaming Minecraft collab

    Hey everyone i am looking for someone who would want to do minecraft mostly on pc like skywars and just anything msg me if want to
  18. Billy Cochrane

    Gaming Looking to collab on any PC game. Details in thread

    Requirements: You need to be atleast 14yrs old with a decent microphone. That's all. Note: I'm 16 and Scottish Just hit me up for collaborations. Willing to play any PC game. »Facebook - halfdeadlyyt »YouTube - halfdeadly »Skype - halfdeadly
  19. CQSerpent-PC

    Gaming Looking for a Short/Long term partner for scripted post commentaries.

    Hello, content creators. My name is CQ, Serps, or Connor, and I'm looking for one or more channels to make videos with on PC. However, these are not regular videos. I rarely make live commentaries, most of my audio is recorded post production. This means that my videos are usually gameplay...
  20. Kenney "Wafflesticks"

    Gaming PC YouTuber to Collab with

    I'm Wafflesticks and I play minecraft a lot even though I have plenty of other games I just want some people 14+ to collab with just put what games you have and skype and ill add you
  21. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC - Looking for Rainbow Six Siege players!?

    I was going to get Rainbow Six Siege on pc but i heard it's a lot more fun playing with a squad. If anyone is interested in making a team, leave your skype below and I'll get in touch!
  22. PainApple

    Gaming Looking for a PC gamer to collab with :)

    Hello!, I'm a small youtuber who thought that it will be awesome to play with another channel and have fun! My channel: channel/UCwsVW4UfWGNLLj2s1wCWOrw I have loads of games and If you are interested to play with me reply this thread with your channel link and with your skype username and I...
  23. sickvenom

    Gaming pc youtuber group needed!

    Hey guys it's a fellow youtuber sickvenom. I have 634 subs and im looking for youtubers at least 400 or higher. 300 at the least but in this group I want to have fun and we can all be friends. We could play any games from rust,arma 3,gmod,etc. I really want to play gmod darkrp or perp because I...
  24. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for people for a PC gaming group (like Vanoss or the Sidemen)

    Im a youtuber looking for some awesome people to make a group like the sidemen on YouTube. You need to be 13+ (I am 16), have a good quality mic and good videos on your channel. Also be able to have some top quality banter. Games that i have currently have and we will probably play are gmod...