1. F

    Something very important you have to know!!

    NEVER. NEVER. NEVER Delete your videos. I just got a video that I posted 2 years ago get picked up by the algorithm and gain 500.000 views in 1 week, and it seems like it's still growing. I didn't make a lot of money because the video was very short, but I gained a good chunk of subscribers, and...
  2. Fost

    Fost StoryTime and Q&A(Ask me something cause whoever says anything is crazy lol)

    Sometimes in my sessions I have 15-20 minutes left of recording I can do so I started the Fost Storytime where I tell you a true story depending on what ya'll ask I also might answer random questions so ask away. And yes, I will reply on here so you don't have to watch the videos(Though I might...
  3. Michael Masters

    Video Review- Tell Better Stories

    Please review my video based on these 4 criteria: 1. Does the title spark your curiosity? 2. Did the first 10 seconds hook you? 3. What is one word you would use to describe the video? 4. Would a complete stranger enjoy this? Thank you for your critique!!
  4. Jared Van Houten

    Creating an Audio Story

    Hey guys! So this is how I usually put together an Audio Story! 1. Make sure to have a good quality recording mic. 2. Make sure you speak at a reasonable distance away from the mic. 3. Using Pro Tools, make enough tracks. One for Voice overs, one for sound effects and one for music. 4. Always...
  5. Nerfworthy


    Have you guys seen it, yet? I would ask of you to leave a like/dislike and a comment with constructive criticism, if possible : ) This way you won't only tell me why you liked/disliked it but by doing so, i'll improve myself to become better.
  6. Sammie

    Is my Plot Clear?

    is the plot in my short Film clear? If not what do you think I would be able to do to make it clear. I tried adding symbolism to it so people can catch my drift. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. PK Ultra

    How to add humor that doesn't seem forced.

    I'm writing about life experiences and I'm trying to discover ways to make these writings less boring and more engaging. I brainstorm topics and they seem good until I start writing. They turn out mundane and I was hoping for some methods to make them less boring by adding in humor and making...
  8. Henry Sierra


    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a GRAPHIC story time video that I filmed with friend and I'm going to do Vlogmas! Check out today's video and subscribe for more uploads :)
  9. Inspired Content

    depended heavily on annotations

    I had been in the process of scripting out a whole bunch of video ideas in two categories that relied on annotations, and was set to begin the first one in June. well they discontinued the annotation feature and it's replacement doesn't have the functionality I needed. So rushed to script up a...
  10. DTay Chaos

    I Was Shot At 14 Yrs Old (Not Clickbait) | Story Time

    My channel isnt usually this sad, most of the times its just funs & games but i felt like this was a story i should tell hope you enjoy subscribe
  11. Amy Medek

    Where does a writer post to things on here?

    I write pretty decently, but am not quite up to par with everyone else. But I do have good ideas for some type of possible series or a movie. Not quite sure where to post about it, and didn't really see anything that screamed out: Writer Forum. I'm looking to collaborate and stuff, just don't...
  12. artslee

    I got 99 Problems, but being an artist ain't one - Our take on Artist Problems

    Check out our take on "artist problems." But hey, no matter what profession you take on there will be problems.
  13. Spaceshipcontrol

    Will people follow an over-arching plot?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if my viewers will bother to try and follow what happens in terms of overarching story. My channel has a larger plot going on, with a mix of videos that are related or not related to that plot. I really hope that my viewers actually pay attention to that, but there...
  14. GoldenBeezy

    Vine is shutting down? Toblerone's new shape?

    Hey everybody. Please check out my video about two currently trending topics in the news! It's worth a watch <3
  15. H

    Tinder Catfish Story!

    Whats up everyone, I just uploaded a few video about Tinder Catfish please enjoy and leave me some feedback on how to improve! thank you :)
  16. Scooterbean Videos

    Describe the Moment You Knew YouTube Was Your Thing

    Just a thread I think might bring a little inspiration by reading all the baby YouTuber stories. For me I knew I wanted to do YouTube after I realized I needed something to put myself out there. Something to help with slight social anxiety. I already had tons of ideas for sketches but I was...
  17. Scandinavian Freckles

    My psycho boss !

    Hey guys, I did a video on monday talking about my experience as a waitress. Which basically lasted a week because I worked for a psycho . Do any of you have any stories like this? I would love to know :) !! Have an awesome day !
  18. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  19. xBlazingStar94x

    Does YouTube give you confidence & help you grow as a person?

    I ask this because it gave me a little bit more confidence but also a lot of people find comfort in the community. The amount of people that have used YouTube to talk about their life stories is incredible, in my personal opinion. I am making this thread to read some of your stories and...
  20. probablybetterthanyourmom

    Gay Boyfriend in Kindergarten???|Embarrassing Stories

  21. A

    Need to know if my sound is alright!

    Hey guys, I made a video and I wanted to know if I sound weird. I would appreciate it if you guys would rate the sound in this video!
  22. Anjim

    My Anime Harem And Waifu Story

    Please don't laugh I love me some anime women lol
  23. Andrew King

    Disney Makes Me Sick [STORY]

    A story about the time I got sick (kind of) at Disney. Thanks for watching! :)
  24. J

    Fighting in School!

    Here's a video of me telling a story about one of my first fights as a kid.
  25. JayyDaGawd


    Hey everyone! Today i have a new video for you guys and would love for everyone to check it out :) In the video, i tell a story about my brother running me over when he was on a bike on thanksgiving day! Thanks for watching!!! Any feedback is appreciated!
  26. MultiDragon129

    Who inspired you to start making Gaming Videos? =P Storytime...

    From the very beginning, it started with me watching ProtonJonSA and specifically his Super Mario World Let's Plays....and even MORE specifically, his Kaizo Mario LP and I watched it over and over again. I wanted to be just like him because he was really funny and I loved watching all his Kaizo...
  27. JayyDaGawd


    Hey everyone! Today, i have a brand new video out on my channel and in the video i describe my story about my first ice hockey game. It's pretty funny and entertaining all together hope you all enjoy the video! If you enjoyed please drop a like and if you are new don't forget to check out my...
  28. MickTurtleSoup

    New Idea and Opportunity

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well! I posted a channel update to explaining my original idea for a YouTube channel and my limitations on why I did not pursue that. It will provide a platform for people to show off their skills and creativity and also provide opportunities for collaborations...
  29. TheMrDudeManSir

    [Finding a Safe Place] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Ep 3

    Well, everyone believes that during the zombie apocalypse they will kill all the zombies themselves! But in reality, you will just lock the door to a room and hope.
  30. UnaverageNorwegian

    Storytelling feedback

    Hi guys, as usual i posted a new vlog today, and im basically just wondering if you guys could check it out, and hopefully give me some feedback on my "storytelling" or that "thin red line" that should run through the whole story... Im fairly new to the vlog world, but for those of you who read...