How to add humor that doesn't seem forced.

PK Ultra

I'm writing about life experiences and I'm trying to discover ways to make these writings less boring and more engaging. I brainstorm topics and they seem good until I start writing. They turn out mundane and I was hoping for some methods to make them less boring by adding in humor and making things overall more charming.
When telling an anecdote, which I have been historically very bad at doing, I got a really good bit of advice from DSLRguide which improved the experience for the people I tell them too.

And that was to avoid the facts in favour of your reaction to whatever it was that happened. That's the bit that keeps an audience engaged. Whatever your story is about, the details don't matter so much as how red your face went when you noticed or how angry every one was, or how relieved you were or whatever.

As for humour, I personally think you have no choice but to let it come out naturally. Well that's not true, you can always learn to be funny, but it's not something I did. I just cook. Though, there are a few of my viewers that tell me I am really funny. But, I don't really say it. I sort of go for nose puff level humour. You don't want to get trapped into a funny personality you develop to get subs and realise you are not really that person tho. (I mean, I suppose it can't be that bad, service industry people do it every day. Waiters smile and be nice to people even if they are secretly miserable fecks)

EDIT: I forgot to actually watch a video, and I think you are doing a pretty decent job. There are funny moments. I reckon just let it develop naturally and don't worry too much about it.
I hear you dude:) Yes it can be VERY hard. I try to do kind of the same thing. A lot of my videos are about boring topics but I got to try and make them fun/interesting to get people to watch them and this is the tricky part. I guess my advice would be to try and find a funny angle and work with your script from that point:up2:
Waiters smile and be nice to people even if they are secretly miserable fecks
Ha, thanks xD Only sometimes we're miserable :p We have our own humour in the back of the house :p

Also, I agree with Coliwob. Don't force it. Often your stories are more engaging and/or funny than you think. Try pitching you story idea against friends and family to get a fresh view on the story :)