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Michael Masters

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Please review my video based on these 4 criteria:
1. Does the title spark your curiosity?
2. Did the first 10 seconds hook you?
3. What is one word you would use to describe the video?
4. Would a complete stranger enjoy this?

Thank you for your critique!!
1. no that title doesnt mean anything to me really

2. more confusing than hooking

3. energetic and fun, i enjoy the energy you and your family has on top of the edits

4. hard to say, i was ready to click off within the first 20 seconds because i wasnt sure what i was watching, maybe other people might be a bit more patient or maybe they'd enjoy it more than me but i was a bit lost
@LostTrigger , I am incredibly grateful for your review!

Titles are so tough, since I'm still developing a channel concept and who it's for.

I also appreciate your candid response about the hook. In hindsight, I can see how a newcomer would be confused about who I am, and what the video is about.

Your responses were very helpful!!
Your creativity and editing is great. The concept behind it is very well thought out. If I were to guess I would say that the demographic you are going for/would be most suited for is between the ages of 8-14. Because it's you.and your daughter, it's opened up to both boys and girls. The story telling is good, if not somewhat overdone. This could be a good thing because it shows a sort of energy which is appealing to a younger audience.
The biggest critique I'd say is show more of what the video is about within the first 5-10 seconds. The deomgraphic you're catering to will be quick to jump off the video if they aren't drawn into what the video is about. Remember, you.can.catch their something goody, but you need to keep their attention.throughout the whole video to.keep them engaged. It is engaging.content, but it doesn't immediately.draw you in.
As for the title, it meant nothing to me.

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@mytechliving Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my video!

It sounds like, from the reviews so far, the hook needs some work, and the title can use some work too. I would love to edit the title to something a bit more relevant to strangers in my niche. Do either of these sound better...?

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