Is my Plot Clear?


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is the plot in my short Film clear?
If not what do you think I would be able to do to make it clear. I tried adding symbolism to it so people can catch my drift. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
to me your either

a: saying the guy at the beginning dies


b: made footage that literally depicts "riding" and "dieing"

if you were to ask me for any hidden meaning or plot i wouldnt have the slightest clue.
I think I get what you're going for here, although it's confusing. My interpretation was- this person means a lot to you, so they're your "ride", but they didn't want to be so close to you, not so involved in your life, so you... killed them? If not, I'm happy to discuss this more. I'm a college student studying film so hopefully I can be of some use.
I'll be frank, I don't get it at all :/ English isn't my first language, so maybe there is a proverb/idiom I'm missing here. It really felt as an intro to a short film than an actual short film n.n" The shots were well done though! A bit out of focus here and there, but well positioned :)
I am not sure if I understood it right. Is it like ride or die? Even if it is something dangerous you do it because you are committed. You would do anything for other one or if not then you die. I think this is what you meant, no? Please tell us, I am really curious! :D