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    Short Film Review My Short Film Please

    This is 6 minute Short Film its 99% Silent Dialogues are not important (they're not even in English)
  2. S

    Short Film Ideas For Short Films

    Currently i am trying to make a short film but i haven't ideas. I don't know what to film. So could you help me and tell me a few ways to find creative ideas.
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    Animation A

  4. T

    Short Film Brazen Epiphany

    Jennifer, daughter of a single mother after claiming the position of the best journalist in india sat down for a interview. During this interview she is confronted with reasons to what does she owe her success. Throughout conversation we get to know that it is just not her love for the...
  5. F

    Animation Looking for a Voice actor for my short animation

    Hey guys... I made this short animation myself but I always have problem on voice section... Who can help me? :)
  6. M

    Short Film Short film, United States ( Florida ) help needed...

    Alright, seen lots of post with hesitation and wasted words. Long story short, needing help for a horror short film unlike others. The story itself is still in a draft version, but has some screenplay and a script worked out. The thing with me personally is, Once I start something... I am...
  7. Farley Productions

    Fatal Encounter Rise and Fight

    I recently finished our short film (about 33 minutes long) for a passion film project that we've been working on for over a year and a half. Would love it if you guys took the time watch and enjoy the film. Any feedback for our future film projects is always appreciated as well. Don't forget to...
  8. G

    Short Film Lets Work Together! Looking for Talented Film Producers!

    Hi All, I am new member and hope everyone is well! :) I am one of the co-founders of Stream Go Media , Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels and we are looking to licensing video content...
  9. Sammie

    Color grading

    Anyone good at color grading willing to work with me on a one min short film competition. If we when I will share the prize with you. If you are interested you can contact me on here or on Instagram @lividlady.v2
  10. Sammie

    Short Film New York Film Makers

    Looking to put a team together of people with all different skill sets that could be useful in making a short film. Currently working on a short film for a competition if anyone is interested in working on it with me DM me on instagram my instagram is @LividLady.v2
  11. Sammie

    One Min Short Film Competition Script Team

    I'm going to be making a One Min Short Film that has to be done by Nov 13 and I someone to pitch in ideas for the scrip. There will not be a lot of Dialog because it's only one min but I still would want a writers perspective. If we win I will split the prize with the person who helps me...
  12. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Pere Lachaise

    Pere Lachaise cemetery walking tour. Located in Paris. The main entrance and map and then a short tour. Many famous graves here: Édith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Victor Noir, Molière, Oscar Wilde, Frederic Chopin, Honore De Balzac, Théodore Géricault, Marcel Proust, Abelard and Heloise, Félix Faure...
  13. The Unwanted Letter

    My Short Film Sucks!......How To Fix It

    I remember my first short truly was a great experience, too bad it sucked, probably like everyone's first short film, but now you are somehow on your 6th short and they still are TERRIBLE. Well in this video i will be going over some reasons why your short film might be sucking. I'm...
  14. M. B. Harkins

    Voice Acting Looking for Voice Actors!

    Hiya guys! Back again, looking for voice actors for a couple more projects. One in particular, I want to get to work on ASAP! Please have a good mic! I am looking for multiple different kinds of voices. Check my profile for a link to my site, where the projects are listed. You can also message...
  15. Hiper115

    Short Film Looking For Talented Short Film Youtubers

    Do you feel like your hard-worked on projects get no recognition? Youtube is a harsh environment where you either grind for years to get to the top or become the %0.1 that get lucky. I need short film YouTubers who want to shine and don't want their amazing videos to be washed up by the...
  16. iGM

    Signal Theta - A Space Engineers Short Film (Trailer)

    Below is the trailer to my upcoming Short Film made using the game Space Engineers. It is a machinima coming soon to my channel in 2018! Stay tuned!
  17. Sammie

    Is my Plot Clear?

    is the plot in my short Film clear? If not what do you think I would be able to do to make it clear. I tried adding symbolism to it so people can catch my drift. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Sammie

    100+ subs

    I have reached 107 Subs and 2,316 views on my YouTube channel about Skits, Rants, and Short Films.
  19. Sammie

    Voice Acting Male/Female voices needed

    I need 3 males and 3 females to say things like -You are the gender you where born with -There are only 2 genders -Stop acting like a man -Be more Feminine -Act like a Lady -You aren't a man -Excuse me lady For a short film. If you are interested msg me on Kik: MrNoNameDatBoi or comment...
  20. VesuviusStudios

    Short Film Need someone for documentary commentary.

    Hey all, Need someone to read a script for a short documentary I am working on. If you can get back to me ASAP as this is a school project due in a few days. However I plan to re-work it afterwards so feel free to inquire unless If I say in the post otherwise. Thanks!
  21. AnejKGaming

    Short Film 12 days of Christmas!

    Hello, Me and my Art High School are making a Christmas themed youtube videos. We got an idea that we would post 12 videos because there are 12 days of Christmas. We have all video ideas written down but we are struggling with scripts. We wrote a main story (frame) but we dont know how to turn...
  22. The Humble JuanB

    Other Elm Street Stories! collab?

    im currently starting a really low budget episodic series around one of my favorite horror films. im looking to see if any of you are interested in working on episodes with me even split directing and shooting. we can collab through meet ups or over the internet, whatever works! contact me if...
  23. getTekt

    New YouTube Detective Series Review

    Started a new YouTube Series base on the mall order boxes Hunt A Killer. We do kinda a mock of Sherlock. 1. How do you feel about the flow of the video. Does it keep you watching? 2. Would you watch more of this style video. 3. Your thoughts on Lighting, Coloring and Soundtrack. Thank You for...
  24. Bland Mark

    Motivation, Inspiration, mild nudity and badgers

  25. The Humble JuanB

    Short Film Ninja Contracts!

    if you live near the harrisburg, mechanicsburg, carlisle or camp hill Pennsylvania area would you be interested in being apart of a short film series im doing as a "ninja" who gets different 'contracts' to end my victims (you) OR be my partner ninja and we do one contract each episode at a time...
  26. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone Wanna collab

    I am looking for someone who is interested in Film making to collab with me on writing to script and the story board for the film. If we work well together I'm hoping we can become a team and continue to do short films together. The person doesn't need to live in my Area to help I can film the...
  27. Sammie

    Looking for Script Partner

    I'm looking for someone who would be interested in writing scripts with me and help make scripts for each other's channels. If you are interested in comment and we can exchange Skype msgs or Kik or how you'd like to talk.
  28. Orangeguy587

    Short Film Series Ideas?

    Hello all! I have some questions about making a short film series. I don't really have any fresh ideas for a series that I can make. I am extremely limited on resources and actors so I do not know other series I can do. Any suggestions? I know this is a tough topic, but any help is appreciated.
  29. The Unwanted Letter

    Is it a short film or skit??

    hey all. So i have seen on youtube there are not a lot of short film channels, now what i mean is channels dedicated for short films only and upload them at a decent pace. I dont consider rocket jump and corridor digital short film channels as they are just vfx guys imo. So looking into it i was...
  30. Lonely Pyramid

    Request Short film score/sound design

    Lonely Pyramid Films is a U.K East Midlands based film production company and we're currently on the way to producing our first short film "YELLOW". We are looking for talented musicians, score producers and sound designers willing to work with us. You do not have to be U.K. based but if you...