One Min Short Film Competition Script Team


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I'm going to be making a One Min Short Film that has to be done by Nov 13 and I someone to pitch in ideas for the scrip. There will not be a lot of Dialog because it's only one min but I still would want a writers perspective. If we win I will split the prize with the person who helps me. Details of the short film competition and prizes are on the youtube channel Film Riot. The Short Film will be a horror/suspenseful film.
Short Film Competition Details is on the youtube Channel Film Riot that has 1.3 million subscribers
My Youtube Channel: LividLady

If you are interested you can contact me by leaving me a Msg on youtube video I made or leaving a msg on this thread or you can Direct Msg on Instagram @lividlady.v2

My youtube channel is more towards fun skits but I am now shifting towards more serious time consuming content.