New YouTube Detective Series Review


Started a new YouTube Series base on the mall order boxes Hunt A Killer. We do kinda a mock of Sherlock.
1. How do you feel about the flow of the video. Does it keep you watching?
2. Would you watch more of this style video.
3. Your thoughts on Lighting, Coloring and Soundtrack.

Thank You for all your feedback.
Start out with the actual opening rather than a "behind the scenes" clip which should be in another vid or at the end.

Green screen is jarring.

Lighting was great, I didn't notice any poorly lit scenes.

I like the x-files style opening

Keep working, you're on to something with it. :up2:
Thank You for taking a look at the video. That beginning part with my team is only going to be in episode one.
We all came to the same conclusion about the green screen, so we are not going to use it in any future episodes.
Thank again glad you enjoyed it.