short film

  1. BrickFireGaming

    My New Short Film Idea!

    Hello, I am here to talk about a short film I have been wanting to create for quite a while. This will not be on the channel linked to this account, and I won't promote it since that is not allowed. I just want an opinion on the concept. The video is about a guy who has found a gateway to...
  2. M. B. Harkins

    I'm So Happy!! THANK YOU!!

    I woke up this morning and was responding to a new comment on one of my videos when I realized that, not only have I just hit 1,000 views across my entire channel, but 550 of those views were all because of one single video! I could not be more happy! I never thought that my short film would...
  3. malen

    Am I the only one?

    Hey there guys, it's me Maryline, 18 from the Philippines and there are a lot of stuff that stops me from regularly uploading videos... but the number one is the slow internet connection. and by slow... I mean SLOOOOOOOOOW... It takes me 10hrs to upload a 15min part of a shortfilm. if you are...
  4. Chris Daniels

    "The Isolation Experiment" - A Short Film I've Been Working On For 5 Months

    Hello to anyone reading this at the moment. So over the last 5 months I've been putting all my spare waking hours into a little short film project. I've been making shorts around the same length for years now, but this new one took the gold for longest length project I've made yet. It was a...
  5. darkstarmedia

    That Time I Ended Up In New York. By Accident.

    ... again.
  6. bboytlil


    Hey everyone, so this was about 3 months ago! This is my first short film that I wanted to show you guys. I hope it made your guys day and made you guys laugh. I would appreciate it if you guys can leave feedback letting me know what I can do to improve myself with short films in the future.
  7. WeKanGame

    My RODE Reel 2016 Submission!

    Here is my entry for the "My RODE REEL" Short film competition. This was a lot of fun to make, and I dabbled into new things with things like Kinetic typography, and worked on time-lapses, something I haven't done in a long time. Let me know what you think!
  8. Tahrgat

    The Red Room Curse 赤い部屋 (Short Horror Film)

    Just completed my latest short horror film, "The Red Room Curse". It is based on the Japanese Urban Legend 赤い部屋 (Red Room), about a deadly pop-up ad.:devil: Synopsis: A late night on the internet leads to terror for Aaron and Melissa when Aaron accidentally crosses into the DARK side of the...
  9. Sam Wolfie

    Short Film Short Film Script Writer Needed!!!!!

    I make short films and I'm asking for someone who is good at writing scripts to message me from Skype. My Skype username is mewwitch. I'm looking for a script that does not contain a lot of characters in it. I will give you credit in the credit section of the short film. Hearing for you as soon...
  10. M. B. Harkins

    Feedback on Depression Short Film

    Hey all! I'm looking for some feedback on my new short film. As a soon-to-be film student I'm looking for all sorts of feedback and comments as well as advice, so don't go easy on me! Feel free to let me know exactly what you think :) Thanks a bunch!!
  11. K

    Let me know how I can improve this short video

    please give feedback <3
  12. AshZelda

    Short Film Philadelphia Area Collabs

    Hi guys! Are any of you located in Philly? I'm an actor and a makeup artist looking to work on some short films, and would love to work with anyone around here. I'm also a writer if you need any help with that, but you wouldn't need to be local. I'm in North Philly and often in the Lehigh Valley...
  13. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  14. Julius Gacgacao

    Good grades = good future???

    Do you think grades in school will affect your future? Ok so my parents think that if you have good grades you will have a good future. Here are my Dad's exact words "If you have the good grades the job will come right away." But I tried explaining to them that my dream is to be a filmmaker...
  15. Julius Gacgacao

    Short Film (Trailer)

    Hello it's me, I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. Haha jk I thought that would be a good intro. (That first line was from Adele - Hello. If you didn't get it) So anyways I'm uploading a Short film next week, and I couldn't finish it last weekend. But I do have a...
  16. Crimes Against Cinema

    10 Crunchy Carrots

    Hey guys! I'm hoping you could take a look at my short film, 10 Crunchy Carrots! It's the first in a series of films on my channel that basically revamp a few movies in a satirical light. (We watch bad movies and talk about them.) It's seven minutes long and intended to look like a VHS tape...
  17. Tahrgat

    Aka Manto 赤マント (Short Horror Film)

    I made this Horror film based on the Japanese Urban Legend, Aka Manto or Red Cloak. It is a pretty bizarre and somewhat darkly comedic scenario... until it isn't. If you wanna learn more about this strange Urban Legend then here is the info:!akamanto/c1pd5 -
  18. King Mondrae

    Far From Southside (web series)

  19. Intelligic

    Lone Walker - Short Film

    [INCLUDES SOME MINOR GORE SCENES.] My major project for media studies last year. Narrated by an infected girl named Emily who is living her ongoing demise, Lone Walker is a film about sacrifice and self-reflection. The genre I chose, post-apocalyptic zombie-film, is a saturated one... and...
  20. JoshE Video

    Comedy Short clip you can send me (Collaboration-Apple parody)

    Hi, my name is Josh (JoshE Video) and I am looking to collaborate with some people. I currently have 264 subscribers so I am looking for people in that range. I also want people with somewhat similar content such as comedy, shorts, skits and effects stuff. You would be recording around a 20...