1. cadetKei

    TidBits #1: ''Mother Hen''

    ''TidBits'' will be a new series of animation shorts I will put between actual full lenght videos to pass the time a little. They might be about little stories, thoughts or anything really. This one is about eggs.
  2. Kacper

    Sleep Paralysis

    Have you ever experienced anything like this?
  3. Xefin

    Gaming I'm looking for one person on PC to assist me in recording a modded Minecraft series.

    Hello everyone, I'm Xefin and I run a solo YouTube channel which you can find out by asking in the comments to this post. I haven't been going for very long, but something I'm hoping to do is entertain people with some quality, creative, fun gameplay in various games. Right now i'm looking...
  4. SuperBrolex

    I Made A Website To Help With Promotion - Review It?

    Hey everyone, I created a website to act as a sort of "social hub" for my social media accounts, which are: YouTube Twitter Facebook Google+ I'm basically wondering if you guys could check it out and give me an honest opinion on whether it'd be helpful for YouTube :3 The link is in my...
  5. Dice Rollen

    The Attic | Creepypasta Reading

    This is the first creepypasta I've written & narrated.
  6. Shehzad

    The Time I Got A Runescape Girlfriend (Story) - Black Ops 3 Commentary

    A hilarious story from my Runescape days back in 2007, those were the good days man. Comment below if you guys still remember those days.
  7. Aro-En

    My Love Triangle Story

    Ever been in a love triangle? So was I, here's my story...
  8. GottaCatchDimal

    Any fellow story tellers out there?

    My channel is based on telling stories about my self and eventually I might branch out into making fictional stories or using other people's stories. I'm also trying to make it based on my voice and personality too! So if there is anyone out there who likes to tell stories about themselves or...
  9. GottaCatchDimal

    Funny life story ideas!

    Currently I'm making videos about my life. Not just my normal life, but weird things that have happened to me or things that I hate in my daily life. I've made videos about my college experiences, how much I hate mosquitoes, and my hate of picky eaters. These videos include real stories that...
  10. Zach S.

    My Experiences Working in Retail!!!

    -My Experiences Working Retail || Zapps Exp. EP 1- Today you guys get to here my retail rant of my Craziest Retail Experiences from me about working a retail job for almost a year. These experiences go anywhere from finding poop everywhere inside of a bathroom, to getting phone calls from...
  11. bootyguru

    Other Embarrassing Middle School Stories

    Hello! I create sex ed and puberty videos, and I thought it would be interesting to do a video or two on some embarrassing or funny things people have done during their puberty prime...middle school If you don't mind telling a funny/embarrassing story to be shared on youtube from your middle...
  12. Onister

    Story Time EP.1 How I Almost Died

    Story Time Ep.1: Talks about how i almost died and How it all went down
  13. Christiney92

    Christmas Story for my Youtube hero

    My latest video is a Christmas story for my YouTube and Filmmaker hero Sarah Rotella from the Gay Women Channel. I hope you enjoy it :)
  14. 16BitsOfAwesome

    The Burger King Myspace Breakup Story

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my video! I would love some comments and suggestions, if you have any!
  15. AbeAdams1

    Is it too early to do a STORYTIME youtube vid?

    I am currently on about 130 subs and want to vary my content on my 'AB VLOGS' channel. I have so many crazy stories to tell about whats happened in my past but don't know if there is some sort of unwritten rule about how many subs you have before you can post a STORYTIME video. All help is...
  16. CramBeats

    Storytelling by Sounds only

    Hey guys :) I'm actually a Beat producer, but i wanted to try something different. I made this "video" where i tell a little story just by sounds. My intention is to let everyone make up their own story of what happens. I would love to hear some of them :) But most important to me is feedback...
  17. Elissa Jordan

    An Emoji Story!?

    Hey guys! So, I know this isn't really a Q&A, but I thought this idea would be the most relevant in this category than the others. I had this crazy idea one day. It was this: people send me several emojis and I have to make a story about them. I thought it'd be hilarious for my channel and...
  18. Miles Mulligan

    Online Dating is SCARY!!!

    Dating online can be scary! Comment and tell me about your online dating experiences!