Gaming I'm looking for one person on PC to assist me in recording a modded Minecraft series.

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Hello everyone,

I'm Xefin and I run a solo YouTube channel which you can find out by asking in the comments to this post.

I haven't been going for very long, but something I'm hoping to do is entertain people with some quality, creative, fun gameplay in various games.

Right now i'm looking for someone who's willing to join me in my modded Minecraft series for a little while because i'd really just like someone to talk to and bounce ideas and opinions off of.

So, before anything I do unfortunately have some requirements which will be listed below:
-You'll need to be a PC gamer.
-You'll need to be at least 18 years or older, since i'm a little above that age.
-You'll have to have a genuine interest in Minecraft so it's not difficult for you to want to play.
-You'll need to have a fairly decent microphone so your voice comes through clear on the recording.
-You'll have to be willing to potentially play the role of a female character in a possible story based Minecraft series i'm looking to start up in the modpack.
-Lastly you'll just need to be an all around fun person to game with, which I don't doubt any of you are!

That should do it. Thanks for taking the time to read over this post of mine and I look forward to speaking with you all! You can reach me via Twitter Message, Gmail, YouTube Message, or Facebook Message.

Ask in the comments below for the following information because I can't post it on the thread!

My Twitter
My Gmail
My YouTube Channel
My Facebook Page
Hey all,

I'm Xefin and i'm looking for someone to accompany me on a modded Minecraft series i've been doing for a little bit now.

Really i'm just looking for someone to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and just have fun gaming with.

I'm in the 18-21 range so being around the same age would be ideal.

If you want to see the videos so you know what i'm like or how I play and speak then just ask in the comments and i'll be more than happy to provide you with a link! :)
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