1. T

    Gaming Looking For Collabs (Minecraft)

    I play Minecraft and some others that I can't say, I mostly play on, and I am making a new server, a factions server.
  2. Kiwi Arcades

    Vlog Small Youtubers out there that vlog arcade games?

    Hi everyone, I'm a fairly new content creator. Wondered if there are any creators here that film arcade games (It seems to be niche topic on here). Anyways, if not still I'm keen to meet other small youtubers so we can encourage each other towards achieving our goal :) Small youtubers unite...
  3. B E L L A

    10k couldn't look any better!!

    It's been almost 2 years since I started my YouTube channel and never honestly thought I'd get here! I have a little over 10k and almost 1M views. Just a word of advice for smaller yourself, find a niche (preferably one that doesn't have a lot of people talking about) and don't...
  4. ProXima123

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    I have been observing a lot of people questioning the ability to hide subscribers from viewers. Not that I think it's a bad thing, but my question is, does it really help? Is there an incentive or benefit in doing so? Does it seem disingenuous if a channel hides their subscribers from their...
  5. P

    your experience with ytube

    Guys! i'm doing a research on ytube for my college paper and was wondering if yttalk community can help me get some insight by providing their valued responses Much appreciated!
  6. King Munch

    Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

    I am a youtuber that loves animating. I enjoy everything i do on youtube its what makes me who i am today. Thank you guys so much for 100 sub it means a lot. Never stop chasing your dreams because one day someone might put a spark in your life to make it even more amazing.
  7. Mark Stise

    It's nice to be able to watch your channel grow!

    Hello everyone: I've only been on YTTALK for about a month now give or take a week or so. And I've seem and read a lot of ideas on how to grow your channel. With my Star Wars Clone Wars channel is was pretty simple make music videos using Clone Wars footage. I quickly began to grow a fan base...
  8. G

    Services I will make you free channel art

    I will make you free banners, profile pictures and thumbnails for your channel. Here's an example picture of a cover I made for one of my Wattpad stories: Email me on if you want me to make some channel art for you.
  9. Freddie Hill

    1000 Hours View Time !!!

    Thank you so much all of you here at YTtalk ! you are all the reason for me achieving this ! Words cannot explain how happy i am ! once again thank you and peace out !
  10. Diversified Unison

    Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers

    Share this song with with your love ones. Also lets remember those who we loved and lost.
  11. Diversified Unison

    What Could We Do Different?

    Hello all really need your honest review on our latest video. We recently release our new video which we are calling "The Larger Project". It is actually the most successful video so far. It has always been our plan that we will do live covers and between them we will do videos like this. Here...
  12. Jed

    How to Get More from Reviewing Somebody Else's Channel

    Hi Guys So I've always been interested in the Reviews/Channel Feedback section of YTtalk. At first it was because I'd just started my YouTube channel and as a newbie it gave me a chance to hear from some more experienced users on what I was doing well and what I could be doing better which I...
  13. Jon Brooks

    5 Million Views

    Hi guys, It's been a while since i last checked in here but I'm back and delighted to announce that my channel has hit 5 Million video views. I've worked hard over the years creating content but it's certainly been worth it. :dance: Exciting times ahead... Best wishes, Jon
  14. bryan94c


  15. Sladee

    Do I have a Niche?

    So im making content surrounding my opinions around gaming starting this coming Monday with my newest video while other gaming channels have a specific purpose mine is more abstract. I just talk about my opinion surrounding games and their communities etc. Do I have a proper niche? Im worried...
  16. radialDomo

    I could use alot of constructive criticism

    I've been doing YouTube for about a month and a half now and still don't feel like I am producing quality content, or at least as quality as I know I am capable. I am mainly requesting someone to have a look at my channel overall and tell what I can improve on, suchas the following video:
  17. Tv Head Greg

    Over 1000 views since I made this change

    What is up guys? My name is TV Head Greg and today I want to share with you how I reached 1000 views. I have been posting to Youtube for over a year now and my views haven't been the best. It wasn't until I changed my channel that I got to my 1000 views that I wanted. All I did was post new...
  18. Qball


    Make sure to hit that subscribe button as well to help me reach my goal. Thank you, and looking forward to producing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!
  19. Qball


    Make sure to help me reach my goal by hitting that subscribe button. Looking forward to releasing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!
  20. Camskiez

    Camskiez Stream Highlights #2! (Rocket League and Overwatch)

    Hey guys and gals! Just released a new stream highlights video of Overwatch and Rocket League that is sure to get you laughing! Join Camskiez and friends in a new adventure that will hopefully make your day a bit better!
  21. Camskiez

    Camskiez Stream HIGHLIGHTS #2! (Comedy Gaming!)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say first of all since I just joined yttalk last night this community is so awesome and its great to see everyone helping each other out and giving feedback etc and its great to be apart of it now. So, I just released my second stream highlights video which...
  22. Amaryx

    Quality or Quantity?

    I'm a new YouTuber and I was wondering on opinions if you prefer Quantity or Quality whenever it comes to making videos? Personally I enjoy making quality content, that is shorter but is funny, engaging and overall valuable. Some channel has become big over quantity like Gaming Videos, Vlogs...
  23. ZinQ Nasty

    Channel Review Feedback

    I have been Creating on Youtube for almost a year off and on. I have been going strong ever since the fall and have some good gaming content coming as well as skits. However, I would like some reviews on my channel, I want to know some of my weaknesses that i can fix and some of my strengths...
  24. A

    Should I change my youtube username?

    Hi I'm annie and my youtube username is Annie Pastella but because it is two words I don't have a youtube url that works and I want to change my username to overthemoon but I don't want people to flip out or be disappointed. This username is great because I can make a second channel if I wanted...
  25. Jonatan Moser

    'Mary did you know' - fresh approach on a traditional foundation

    I would love some honest feedback on this cover of 'Mary did you know' that I made with a crazy talented youtuber (Maarij Bashir) that I met here on YT Talk!
  26. J

    How much has YT Talk helped you out?

    Hey guys this is my first Day on YT Talk, just wondering how much this website has helped you guys out so far? I LOVE it, being able to connect with other people from all over the world, it's awesome! But as far as subscribers go, how much has it helped you? - Julien
  27. Active Rooster

    Would love some constructive criticism on my channel!

    Hello there! I'm Active Rooster and I'd like some criticism on my channel. I upload comedy gaming videos. I would like to know what others think of my channel and what I can do to improve. I'll link my channel and some of my videos, but if you can, please watch some of my more recent videos and...
  28. Rahi Official

    Looking back to my very first video

  29. Anjim

    No More Gaming Channel

    Hey Yttalk sorry I have not been here for while real life situations but I just want to say I delete my Anjim Plays gaming channel for "unfortunate circumstances" So I decided to put some gaming content on my main channel but I always up for collabs and feedback on my channel. I also created a...
  30. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...