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Hey guys this is my first Day on YT Talk, just wondering how much this website has helped you guys out so far? I LOVE it, being able to connect with other people from all over the world, it's awesome! But as far as subscribers go, how much has it helped you?
- Julien
I've disappeared lately so in the past month or two not at all. The whole you get what you put in thing as with everything else, when I am on though, it's helped me so much and this is one of my favorite sites in general. I'd say that YTTalk has helped me more than anything else though
It's helped me get a few subs and views here and there. Some useful information as well. I'm not able to spend as much time as I'd like to on here, but it's always a nice tool to have
The members of YTTALK are great. They give feedback and wonderful tips on growing the channel in right way. Constructive criticism really helped me to get the best knowledge to grow my channel. I have learned and quality and consistency really matters for being a content creator. I made friends that I collab and I still talk to them on YTTALK. Thanks to YTTALK
It's helped me so much. If I haven't read any of the awesome tips that people put up on here I would have really bad quality videos but now I take my time and really put my heart and soul out.
Plus the people you meet and talk to are great! :)
No need to talk on behalf of YTtalk because the site is expressing itself. Just spend some time reading through the site, and you will see how much this site is useful in terms of promoting your channel content and getting new YouTube friends.
Made some good friends for sure.

I don't think this site propels anyone to stardom but at least you can get feedback fairly unike Reddit, the birdcage lining of the Internet
When I first started my political junkie channel, I was on this community everyday.
Even more than the information it was nice to have a group of people who shared my struggles.
This was especially true when I wasn't growing at all! I wasn't alone and that meant something.
That's part of the reason I'm working on the current project: I know I would have listened back when I was starting out.