I'm a new YouTuber and I was wondering on opinions if you prefer Quantity or Quality whenever it comes to making videos?

Personally I enjoy making quality content, that is shorter but is funny, engaging and overall valuable.

Some channel has become big over quantity like Gaming Videos, Vlogs or Podcasts.

What do you think?
I have several channels. Most of my smaller channels are Quality of Quantity.
My channel which is biggest by far is much more Quantity over Quality.
I think so some extent it does depends on your channel. I personally go for quality over quantity do I upload once a week and the video is usually 7ish minutes. I feel like my style of channel does better with this type of quality over quantity and most of the other YouTubers I follow do something similar.
I think it is a mix of both, but with quality being the upper man. Try doing two videos a week, if that's easy three. But make sure they are well taken, lighting is good, audio sounds clear, you took time to edit and make a great thumbnail all that good stuff and also keep your videos short. Try the shortest possible. Because people have less patience with smaller youtubers. I used to make my videos like 5-7 minutes and I've cut them to 1-3 and increased my watch time.
Quality is more important, if you put out a lot of content but it's all low quality then you won't attract an audience. If you have quality content on a schedule, even if it's not frequent has a chance of growing slowly.
I prefer watching Youtubers that put quality over quantity, and I personally put quality over quantity, but that's not what y'boy Youtube wants.
When it comes to popularity, the best thing to do is make a garbage letsplay channel. Take Youtubers such as Markiplier for example.
Their content consists of 0 effort letsplays, and yet Youtubers such as him practically rule the website.
YouTube cares about more! More videos, more views and most importantly more time watched. It's a beast and it's hungry!