1. J

    Vlog Black Parents Who Stare!! | Things That stress Me Out!! | Pet Peeves laugh with me

    hey guys im new here!! check out my video like comment and subscribe. I can do the same!
  2. Claudia99

    Looking for someone who knows what they're doing!

    Hey there, Got a society at University called Content Creators & I would love someone experienced in YT to give advice to members, especially regarding video set up & the technical side of things. If you're happy to provide some advice over skype or write some tips for me to share around it...
  3. ethanharm

    Commentary Looking for podcast partners

    looking for anyone that possibly would like to work on podcasts together. we will talk about anything we think our viewers will find interesting. the main goal for this podcast is to grow our fanbases and make good filler content. you can contact me via email or Instagram, Insta is @ethnharm and...
  4. Born4Comedy

    Comedy YouTubers!!!

    If you make comedy videos, or just like watching them this is the thread for you. Here you can share, talk about or show your favourite comedy videos. Let's Get This Laughter Rolling.
  5. Red rose

    Listen Up!!

    As of right now I have 2 subscribers and 20 views. I need to to fix this.
  6. S.A.D

    Subscribe, then unsubsribe.

    This is a but of a frustration post really, but i also find it humorous too. Don't you just love it, when some body subs then unsubs. especially when your a small channel. Sometime you feel like putting a hit out on them trough the back market, maybe hope that John Wick will deal with it haha...
  7. Amaryx

    Quality or Quantity?

    I'm a new YouTuber and I was wondering on opinions if you prefer Quantity or Quality whenever it comes to making videos? Personally I enjoy making quality content, that is shorter but is funny, engaging and overall valuable. Some channel has become big over quantity like Gaming Videos, Vlogs...
  8. Scandinavian Freckles

    Starting youtube?

    Hey awesome people on YTT !! I uploaded a video where I basically tell my point of view of starting youtube. I had been getting a lot of questions around it and people where saying they were going to wait, they were scared, they didn't have the equipment etc... So I decided to sit down and...
  9. Paul Woodley

    Other Looking to colloborate with someone on movies/tv channel

    Hey this is Trepacer aka Paul: I have a channel that reviews movies, trailer reactions, tv talk & movie talk. I would love to colloborate with someone on a movie review - trailer reaction, tv or movie talk. Feel free to respond and hopefully can work something out. My channel name is Trepacer if...
  10. Tuskan

    RDT Podcast: My First Ever Podcast about No Man's Sky & Pokemon Uranium

    This was a long upload atleast people don't have to watch it but listen to it in a different window your welcome guys and gals here's the long awaited podcast.
  11. Rita-Marie Hartford

    I love Vlogs! I Love Vlogs!

    Well Hello There! Recently I have been in love with vlogs, even doing the most simplest of things. I am just having fun talking to a camera, and all my viewers. So I here are my latest creations. I do upload twice a week with one vlog, and one beauty related video. But here I go...
  12. UnaverageNorwegian

    Storytelling feedback

    Hi guys, as usual i posted a new vlog today, and im basically just wondering if you guys could check it out, and hopefully give me some feedback on my "storytelling" or that "thin red line" that should run through the whole story... Im fairly new to the vlog world, but for those of you who read...
  13. Onister Gaming

    Youtube As A Job?

  14. paigelknowles

    When people treat others wrongly because they can.. we need to stop these people together!

    So I just uploaded a new video today about something that I experienced a few days ago and I really needed to make a video about it!! Check it out to see if you agree with me or have anything to say!!!! Here it is:
  15. Kyle Janulis

    Guitar talk!

    Just a short 30-second sketch we put together! What do you all think? I know the quality could be improved as well as the sound but other than that any good?
  16. Talooka


    What's YOUR favorite anime genre?? Let us know! Send us questions to answer, topics to talk about, and challenges to do! New #TalookaTalkBox episode every Tuesday :D
  17. Talooka


    We get a weird question in this week's Talooka Talk Box. And David wants to be...Hitler?! Send us questions, topics, and challenges to put in the box, and it might be in a future episode. Of the #TalookaTalkBox!!
  18. Talooka


    In this Talooka Talk Box episode we talk about our dream jobs. David tries to make things deep...again This week's question came from @Mason Sheppard Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too!
  19. Lofangas

    Voice Acting Voice Acting for Top Ten Videos!

    My channel has been doing top 10s for over a year and a half, but now I'm diversifying from one or two specific topics to a lot. My voice is really bad and cracked, so a voice actor would be awesome. If you also do top 10s, we both get a double bonus!
  20. Talooka

    WOULD YOU READ PEOPLE'S MINDS?! (The Talooka Talk Box Episode 2)

    Episode 2 of The Talooka Talk Box is up! Send us a topic, question, or challenge to put in the talk box and we'll do it in a future episode! Link in the description. Here's the video: If you have any suggestions/critiques please let us know! I take criticism very well :D