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Hey there,

Got a society at University called Content Creators & I would love someone experienced in YT to give advice to members, especially regarding video set up & the technical side of things.

If you're happy to provide some advice over skype or write some tips for me to share around it would be much appreciated, happy to share your channel in return of course!
Hi! I'm not a "professional" by any means; I've been making videos for over 10 years, and I have 280 subscribers on my current channel. But, I thought I would share with you some of the things that I've learned so far.

1. Do what you enjoy - As cliché as this sounds, it's really important to make videos about what YOU actually enjoy. If you force yourself to make videos about things you don't care about, you'll eventually fall off the wagon and make it incredibly difficult for yourself to make content. Plus, people who watch your videos will be able to tell that you're passionate about something, and that can be all you need to draw in an audience.

2. Make something out of nothing - A big part of making videos is actually being able to make the videos. This is the part of making videos that I feel can go over a lot of people's heads. You hear a lot of people talking about "creative blocks." It's true and it can be incredibly frustrating. Learning and mastering the skill of being creative is so important for making videos. But I've learned that there's always a way to think outside of the box to make entertaining content. Being quick about and having that unique way of thinking takes a lot of time and practice to grasp. For me, the prime example of this is unboxing videos. Being able to make an entertaining video out of literally opening a box can be a bit of a challenge. But some people can make it work incredibly well. So, being able to find a way to make content out of everyday life is an important skill.

3. Make do with what you have - As far as video setups and the technical things, being able to make do with what you have is important considering not everyone can have the budget for camera equipment. However, with smartphones, laptops, and so many more everyday technology having cameras on them, it has become incredibly simple to record videos. The coolest thing about it is that there are ways to get "professional" level equipment out of the technology that you already own. A great example of this is something that I have definitely implemented in the past, and I still see people doing it on YouTube today: Using the microphone on your smartphone. Since smartphones are capable of recording audio, you can easily use your phone as a handheld microphone, or even a boom microphone. This is just one example; there are so many ways that you can use everyday technology to make videos.

Sorry this is a much longer post than I thought it was going to be! But, I hope these are useful for you!
I have one subscriber (and this is my father actually.... hahaha...) but perhaps I can share a valuable tip:

"do your homework!" what kind of society is this that they call selfs "Content creators" if they do not dig into the whole process??? :p :D XD

there are no secrets, everything is listed in the quite extended Youtube help official site and also extended archives of posts here in YTtalk.