1. S

    Promoting my channel

    Hi Guys i would love if you can watch my videos and support my channel link is down below Youtube Link:
  2. ShawnMcCallum

    500 Subs!!

    I hit a big milestone today of 500 subs! Happy to see the growth and share this milestone with the YT Community. Here's hoping the journey to 1000 doesn't take nearly as long!
  3. S

    Hi everyone... I'm new here

    Khuda Kahan hai - Beautiful Kalam by Ali Imran (Tone: Same as kalam "Wohi Khuda Hai" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) Must watch and subscribe to the channel... Also plz promot. Thanks
  4. W

    First 15 subscribers

    Hey guys I’m just excited that I got my first 15 subscribers. I am posting high-quality review content. Do you have any feedback on how to grow your subscriber base and any testimonials on how you start it up and how you become successful in the YouTube community.
  5. T

    Hey,you can help me grow my chancel

    Hey! I Am Trying To Grow My Chancel And Get Good At YouTube You Maybe Can Help Me My Name In YouTube Is TigerBella You Maybe Got Some Ideas To Videos? I Am Out Of Ideas
  6. J

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for 100 subs

    i am very happy that i now have 100 subs
  7. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Subscribe on YouTube (YOUTUBE BASICS)

    How To Subscribe on Youtube 2019 (Desktop and Mobile) // Subscribing on YouTube is the life blood of channels. Subscribing to a channel (used to) make sure you get updated every time a channel uploads a new video. In this YouTube how to tutorial I will teach you how to subscribe to a channel on...
  8. A

    Gaming Collab and subscribe

    Hi im looking for youtubers to collab with and guys also please subscribe to me.
  9. AverageBrino

    Comedy Toronto, Ontario GTA?

    Hey anyone living in Toronto, Canada? I have 748 subs so far. Looking for some peeps to collab with and maybe hit some Comedy videos and skits! LET ME KNOW!
  10. Illuminum Lyrics

    I need your help

    Hello there , Any advice to make the channel a success on the YouTube platform ?
  11. Sketch30Films

    10 subscribers...making the big...videos?

    But seriously thanks to the 12 people who at least found me somewhat enjoyable to watch.. I do have a plan for when I reach 50 subs, but that all depends on if people choose to subscribe to me. 12 aint too shabby thought
  12. Sketch30Films

    Man Imperfect: A Dude Perfect Parody of Sorts

    This is my video which is a parody of dude perfect. I actually hurt myself filming at the end... for the views!
  13. Sketch30Films

    My new Channel

    Hey there guys my name is Joseph. My new channel is called Sketch30Films, here's a link: I hope you guys like my content, and I hope to get many of you to subscribe as I will do the same for you :) Be Creative...Be Weird
  14. BrettTaylorYT

    Subscribe message in video

    i really want to put something at the bottoms of my videos (in the first minute or so) that says “Subscribe” so people can remember to do that and won’t have to wait until my end spiel to be reminded. The two I’m thinking of is the video in video where you see a little animation of a mouse...
  15. Thelazysideoflife

    Can't put a watermark

    Hi! I have been trying to add a watermark in my videos so viewers can subscribe more easily but after following all the steps mine doesn't appear... I have made sure that the background of the watermark is transparent and that I am logged in when updating the watermark. I have also tried to see...
  16. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Calm sea water footage - video

    Calm sea water footage - video from Copenhagen, Denmark. This is just calming.
  17. ReeceS

    It had to Happen !

    It Had To Happen !.. SUBSCRIBE ► Products featured in this video: • The Camera: • Microphone: Follow me on Social Media • Twitter - • Instagram - •...
  18. ReeceS

    Elgato Unleashed!

    Hi All My names Reece I've recently uploaded Elgato Unleashed .... I would love any feed back on how to improve and make things better many thanks in advance Reece
  19. ReeceS

    Elgato Unleashed!

    Hi All My names Reece I've recently uploaded Elgato Unleashed .... I would love any feed back on how to improve and make things better many thanks in advance Reece
  20. ReeceS

    Elgato Unleashed!

    Hi All My names Reece I've recently uploaded Elgato Unleashed .... I would love any feed back on how to improve and make things better many thanks in advance Reece
  21. Curiosity Ridge

    400 views! 700% INCREASE!

    Hey everybody! I just broke 400 views! I recently started uploading daily and have since had my views skyrocket (who knew .) So if you are one of my GEORGEOUS viewers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! And of you aren't, what are you waiting for?! Come join the party! Here's to 500!
  22. cuteigcouples

    Copyright laws for cover version of song

    Hey Everyone! So for our intro song we used someone cover of a popular song. We tried contacting her to get permission to use it but we haven't heard back from her. We put a link to her song and her youtube channel in the description so she can get credit for it. My question is would we still...
  23. cuteigcouples

    KrisLovesKezia- review our new couple channel!

    Hello, We were just wondering if we could get some feedback on how our channel is set up and the youtube videos that we posted already. Our channel is mainly going to consist of challenges, dares, and overall random things that we do together. None of it is scripted and we both just go with the...
  24. Liam Dixon

    Wanna COLLAB?

    Hey I'm new here just got this. Im almost at 1K Subscribers so I'm waiting to Collab with someone to help me get their and to get some youtube friends :) Please get back to me if you're interested!
  25. Onyx Arcane

    Onyx has hit 10!!!...... ...

    Onyx...... has hit 10... Onyx is new to the tube but Onyx is faceless. Is that the reason why Onyx is growing slowly? Why can Onyx acquire these subscriber steroids?
  26. Mark Stise

    Should I subscribe or not?

    Have you ever seen a video that you really really like and when you go to check out that person's Youtube videos, you discover they stopped making content years ago! I've had that happen a couple of times, I've seen videos with 1,000's of views but the creator stopped making any more. Do you...
  27. Vlogify

    An EXTRAVagant Party

    My first time using a decent dslr camera, the Canon 80D. Had to break her in at my first place with my favorite people during my favorite time of year. Hope y’all enjoy and subscribe if you did!
  28. Juan Walls

    I Meal prep for a bet, ways to lose weight. Try the delicious recipe!

    Hello everyone! Try out this simple way of meal prepping for the week. I did a quick vlog of me preparing my meals and I also show you guys how to make a delicious chicken rub recipe that I made through trial and error! Try it out and let me know what you guys think! Also don't forget to like...
  29. BigBryanGames

    Begging YouTube to not take away my monetization

    I made a (hopefully) funny satire on YouTube taking away monetization from us smaller youtubers.
  30. D-Red Beatz Games

    100 Sub Marker For Beat Channel

    Man was it tough though! Switched my page from a gaming channel to just beats after I learned new techniques to making my music better and decided to go all out on uploading beats to my page weekly for 4 months straight i believe...idk lol time flies! but i hope that if i keep this up i will be...