1. F

    Something very important you have to know!!

    NEVER. NEVER. NEVER Delete your videos. I just got a video that I posted 2 years ago get picked up by the algorithm and gain 500.000 views in 1 week, and it seems like it's still growing. I didn't make a lot of money because the video was very short, but I gained a good chunk of subscribers, and...
  2. Nicekid76

    Dream Cheated?

    So I'm not part of the Minecraft gaming community. In fact, I've never played Minecraft. That being said, I have heard a lot about a youtuber named Dream and how his speed runs were claimed to be fake. For those of you who don't know speed runs is when gamers try to complete a game as quickly...
  3. Michael Masters

    Conquering Your Corner (of YouTube)

    Your parents said you could be anything you wanted. Astronaut? Sure! NFL Quarterback? Go for it! President of this great land? Why not? The sky was always the limit. And there we were, peering way up. Somewhere along my own recent journey, the lofty places didn’t look so attractive anymore...
  4. TheInfamousBanana


    Everyday i live unhappy because a passion a dream that i can't live out... See im only 13 years old I got get told "Don't talk in your videos because that would be cringe" So i never did.. I just made montages and videos i didden't enjoy making. Now i want to change but i don't know how i can't...
  5. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    My Dream Car

  6. Dachi

    My Youtube Dream?

    Hey guys my name is Dachi (gaming name Dutch) I just started Youtube like 2 month ago I'm going pretty normal I would say but sometimes I feel really frustrated. This is because my youtube is a mission and the dream at the same time. It's Dream because I want to become big and have an amazing...
  7. Nick Cerone


    I have set up a new channel! I'm a filmmaker and I am new to youtube and would love people to collab with! My channel is going to consist of pretty much everything and I am very open to new ideas. If you're interested please email me: thrunick@gmail.com I can't wait to hear from you!!
  8. Oscar J Stones

    Crazy Batman Dream

    My new video, I've changed up the format a little from the last time I made a video in this series, but I think it's more interesting this way. Any thoughts would be really useful!
  9. Julius Gacgacao

    Good grades = good future???

    Do you think grades in school will affect your future? Ok so my parents think that if you have good grades you will have a good future. Here are my Dad's exact words "If you have the good grades the job will come right away." But I tried explaining to them that my dream is to be a filmmaker...
  10. artiflex

    You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race

    You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race After you were born life flashes before your eyes. From the moment you were born you were dying. You are getting older and every second that passes by is a second that you can't take back. The problem is that we live like we have a million years to...
  11. Stephen Quayle

    Still Chasing The "YouTube Dream" Dont Give up!

    Hello! Right so first off I am new to yttalk, haha I feel so outdated and old (No idea what im doing). But yes, I am a Minecraft YouTuber who has been trying to follow his dream for the past 4 years. Over the 4 years I have gathered 3982 Subscribers and an overall Video Views of 1,161,004. I now...
  12. Talooka


    In this Talooka Talk Box episode we talk about our dream jobs. David tries to make things deep...again This week's question came from @Mason Sheppard Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too!