Dream Cheated?


The Bostonian YTtalker
So I'm not part of the Minecraft gaming community. In fact, I've never played Minecraft. That being said, I have heard a lot about a youtuber named Dream and how his speed runs were claimed to be fake.

For those of you who don't know speed runs is when gamers try to complete a game as quickly as possible in the most optimal way.

Below is a video of my favorite mathematician, Matt Parker, who talks about why Dreams speedrun videos were most likely cheating. If you are wondering why a world famous (i think) mathematician is talking about youtuber gamer controversy, it's because a lot of this controversy was proved and disproved using statistics and probability. Matt also has never played Minecraft, but has learned about all the math to cover this video and join the math debate.

While I personally have no skin in the game, I realize there are a lot of gamers and minecraft gamers on this forum who might find it interesting. Also, there are a lot of parents on this forum who might want to look cool when they talk to their minecraft kids about what they learned about the community (just before they yell at you about still not being cool :laugh2: sorry lol - im kidding)