1. A

    Gaming Bedwars 200iq Trap that kills everyone

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  2. M

    Request I need a thumbnail Creator!!!

    Hello There, My name is MrFox and I am looking for a thumbnail animator or thumbnail creator to help me out with my videos to not only show off but to make my videos more interesting to watch. If you wanna contact me, I will be available on Instagram. Thank you for reading this and I hope you...
  3. Nicekid76

    Dream Cheated?

    So I'm not part of the Minecraft gaming community. In fact, I've never played Minecraft. That being said, I have heard a lot about a youtuber named Dream and how his speed runs were claimed to be fake. For those of you who don't know speed runs is when gamers try to complete a game as quickly...
  4. N

    Gaming Minecraft and other gaming collabs

    Hi i just recently made this account and the reason to why is to get a group of gamers to play on a minecraft server whether its modded or vanilla but im looking for people with good commentary and also do YouTube and the age range of 17+ (im 22) my discord is IshMeister#4544 so add me up and...
  5. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft players to join in on HUGE adventure series!

    Hi my friend Brandon and I both have a huge story built in 2 series and a new series is starting and we would love new people to join in to make the story better and more interesting! Must be older than 16 and have a good microphone and good internet to connect to our server! Leaving a link...
  6. Rallex

    Animation Minecraft animator needed! ASAP

    I have a big Minecraft Animation Series I want to create as I have scripts for 10 minute episodes! I suck at animating and need a animator. Looking for someone who knows how to use Mine-imator or blender! I already have voice actors, actress, music and sounds!
  7. C

    Gaming Minecraft series players needed

    Hello I'm wanting to start a new blightfall series. Blightfall is a Modpack/ custom adventure map. It's multiplayer for up to six teams, each team would have about three to four people. If you're interested just say so, ideally we should start by the end of next month.