Gaming Looking for Minecraft players to join in on HUGE adventure series!


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Hi my friend Brandon and I both have a huge story built in 2 series and a new series is starting and we would love new people to join in to make the story better and more interesting! Must be older than 16 and have a good microphone and good internet to connect to our server! Leaving a link below to youtube video! If link doesn't work my YouTube name is "MrMellow" and or "Riley Kerr" thank you have an amazing day!!

I've been looking for a minecraft adventure series to join for a while now and honestly, yours seems like the best so far.
I've done a lot of digging on other sites so I hope this is the real deal. just curious why your channel seems cleared and if this offer is still on the table.
I have experience directing, filming, and editing my own loosely scripted adventure series on Youtube though it has been Vanilla only and came to an early end.
Looking forward to your response.
Hello Dead Bread, my name's Trav! I just saw your comment on this post which looks pretty old. I'm trying to start a semi-scripted adventure Minecraft series and was really interested in your experience and your past series you talked about! Just so you know, we're new to making content and would very much appreciate your insight/would love to watch your previous work. Minecraft is coming back into being a trend, so perhaps this could go somewhere with some hard work and people that care about the story!

It would be nice to hear from you!

Trav, Discord: SirTrevamus#8053, Youtube:

PS: I should include that we use adult humour/swearing, in case that could be an issue.