Hey guys my name is Dachi (gaming name Dutch) I just started Youtube like 2 month ago I'm going pretty normal I would say but sometimes I feel really frustrated. This is because my youtube is a mission and the dream at the same time. It's Dream because I want to become big and have an amazing community and it's a mission because I want to prove to my parents that working on youtube is possible. The problem is That I started youtube for 2 month and a week and still can't get that hundred subscribers. I'm uploading one video in every two days, I'm always working on thumbnails, titles, tags, channel art and etc. While I see others with no thumbnails and tags getting first 100 subs in like month. Of course I'm not hating on anyone I'm just curious can there be something wrong with my account? Or am I doing something wrong? Your support would be so damn appreciated.
Please help!
Okay, so I checked out your channel and I have to say it looks amazing! I love the thumbnails, your channel art, and the editing on your videos. I think you are set as far as all that, all you need is some promotion. Promote your videos on your social media, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat..etc.. Also let your friends and family know that you make videos because they will become your biggest fans.
Thank you mikeyy ^^ My close friends know about my channel but I'm a bit shy to show it everyone on facebook. But if I want a growth on my channel i guess I have to do that! Thank you for an advice.
Dude, your content is funny! I know what you mean about sharing on FB because I'm in the same boat but its gotta be done eventually, right?
Good luck![DOUBLEPOST=1463862335,1463861104][/DOUBLEPOST]Screw it, you earnt a sub my friend :pompus:
Wow nice channel indeed. Anyway your growth is normal, as you said, maybe even a bit fast compared to many others (sadly me included) that started around your same period. I think that you don't need anything else if not patience and grinding!
There are a lot of people that just sub for sub. That's how you get junky channels that look. Popular. So don't get let down