1. Orbital Fantasy™

    Our opinion on spam comments (YouTube)

    At Orbital, we do a routine check of our channel's community > comments section. When we see a number in the tab labelled as comments being held for review, we get pretty excited thinking we may have earned organic comments from viewers (or potential subscribers). On clicking that tab, we are...
  2. Dachi

    My Youtube Dream?

    Hey guys my name is Dachi (gaming name Dutch) I just started Youtube like 2 month ago I'm going pretty normal I would say but sometimes I feel really frustrated. This is because my youtube is a mission and the dream at the same time. It's Dream because I want to become big and have an amazing...
  3. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YouTube URL Changes!

    As of yesterday I finally hit 100 subscribers, making me fully eligible to get a custom URL for my channel. However when I go to do this - because youtube has changed the way they do things yet again, I cant get the username I want because apparently several other channels have it? Yet I...