1. VictoriaKu

    Need Help

    Friends and I want to do a script that's like a Disney spoof, and we are looking for some help. None of us really know what we're doing. So some help would be appreciated with that! Also, on our channel we haven't done a roast yet but we couldn't think of any celebrities to really roast. So we...
  2. Dachi

    My Youtube Dream?

    Hey guys my name is Dachi (gaming name Dutch) I just started Youtube like 2 month ago I'm going pretty normal I would say but sometimes I feel really frustrated. This is because my youtube is a mission and the dream at the same time. It's Dream because I want to become big and have an amazing...
  3. Branden Morales


    It can be tough starting a channel and even upholding one. I was just wondering if your friends, family, or even subscribes support you? (: It's probably a rhetorical question, but I'm just curious where your drive comes from. I know for me I have few friends that continue to watch my videos...