1. Riaz Sidi

    A Bad Vlog Day

    Hello! Some days the ideas seem to flow seamlessly, and others like today it feels like I look, act and feel terrible. How do you push through and deliver your message and content? Riaz
  2. Riaz Sidi

    That hmmmm moment.

    So every week I am posting a new video and sometimes there is a flurry of activity... ....and then other times like this morning there is an eery silence. How do you approach this? a) start scrambling and desperately link dumping? b) be patient? c) something else strategic?
  3. Dachi

    My Youtube Dream?

    Hey guys my name is Dachi (gaming name Dutch) I just started Youtube like 2 month ago I'm going pretty normal I would say but sometimes I feel really frustrated. This is because my youtube is a mission and the dream at the same time. It's Dream because I want to become big and have an amazing...
  4. GhostRSA


    Hey Everyone, Now I know I am not the only person that has had an period like what I'm going to describe. Some more some less, but I like to hear from you guys on what it was and how you handled it? So for the past 2 weeks or so have been insanely frustrating to me. It started when I took a...
  5. kevsup

    What you think when editing your own videos